Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Disclaimer: Before I get into my thoughts on tattoos I would like to say that I do not have a tattoo. So this is from the perspective of someone who does not have a tattoo or a very strong desire to own one.

The idea of getting a tattoo is pretty awesome but actually getting it done is quite serious.  So this makes me think... is it absolutely necessary to get a tattoo that I can't bear to look at when I'm 55 years old at my grandkids' birthday party?  Yes, laser tattoo removal exists but it can be costly at $200-$500 per session. Its just a great debate... to do it or not to do it??

My sister is 28 years old and she recently got 2 sparrows on her chest. The placement of the tattoos are not ideal at all but these tattoos mean a lot to her. They are a symbolic of this time in her life and her search for her soul mate.  Although that is not my cup of tea, I am still very understanding of her desire to have them. The reason I haven't gotten a tattoo yet is simply because I don't know of anything that I would like to wear on my body every day. I feel like this is a very important decision to make!  So I laugh every time I hear a girl say "I don't know why I got this tattoo on my lower back! I don't know what I was thinking."  I can't fathom going into a parlor and saying "Oh this butterfly looks really pretty... lets put one on my back!"  I just can't do it. So due to my lack of decision, I have opted not to jump in and get one for the heck of it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Contest!! -CLOSED

I'm throwing this contests because I absolutely LOVE contests and I've always wanted to throw one!! Not only that... but I love the Holiday season and I think this is a great way to get everyone in the mood. The prizes are all things that I absolutely love! :)  Anyway, please read the below information carefully and be sure to follow accordingly.


  1. This contests is open internationally. If you are under 18 please ask your parent/guardian before entering contest.
  2. Submissions must be turned in before December 13th 2010 12:00am CST.
  3. You do not have to be a subscriber to my blog, Tumblr , or Youtube! However, if you would like to subscribe please do!!
  4. In order to have a valid entry you must leave your submission as a comment on this blog entry or on Youtube video. Make sure you have pop up enabled or you may not be able to leave a comment. Entries left on Tumblr will not be considered valid.
  5. To enter: leave a comment on this blog or the video telling me what your favorite makeup product, fashion accessory, book and song are and why!! If you don't have a favorite in one of those categories substitute it with a favorite something else (food, tv show, movie, etc.)!!  Please be sure to provide your first name and email address in the comment or else I won't know who to name winner!!!
  6. Only one entry per person!
  7. Winner will be announced on my BlogTumblr, and Youtube on December 14th 2010. The winner will be chosen randomly.
  8. If the winner doesn't respond to email within 48hrs they will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen.
Example entry:  My favorite makeup product is Nars lipstick in Napoli because I can wear it with any look. My favorite accessory is my gold, black and leopard Betsey Johnson necklace because it kicks up any outfit up a notch. My favorite book is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes because I love a good mystery and I can't put the book down! My favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody because its so eclectic and timeless or My favorite thing to do on my free time is play golf because it relaxes me and I love being outdoors.
Okay so that means a lucky winner will be receiving
(1) Copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
(1) Urban Decay Ammo Palette
(1) Copy of Kings of Leon's Come Around Sundown
(2) Mac Lipglass (Shades TBA)
(1) Surprise!!




I must have this necklace!!!


testing feed

Monday, November 1, 2010


So I have some fun news! I started a Tumblr account a couple of months ago and I really love it. I'm still going to post blogs on here but I will have them forwarded to my Tumblr account. So... if you also have a Tumblr please visit my page and follow. My Tumblr includes more personal items + all my blog posts so if you just want the basics stick to visiting me here if not go visit my Tumblr!

My Tumblr!!

What is Tumblr?

I think of it as speed blogging. Its very basic but you can share so much. Its like twittering but more advanced. If you are a fan of twitter but don't necessarily want a limit on how much you can post in one tweet then Tumblr is for you.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Halloween Mask!

This year I'm going to be Poison Ivy for Halloween. I originally was going to be a splicer from Bioshock (Click here if you dont know what that is) so I had a mask already and I didnt want it to go to waste so I made it work!

This mask is made from plaster and I just put some acrylic paint over it and hot glued leaves... It was very, very easy.  If anyone is interested in making their own mask watch the following vid.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fake Wound!

Okay so I got some inspiration on making wounds from Youtube user vintageortacky... this was my first attempt.

The rounded wound is the fake one.  My boyfriend was nice enough to be my guinea pig for the occasion. I used Coastal Scents 88 palette, clear mascara, and lash glue.

How to:
  1. Apply a thin coat of lash glue. Let it get tacky and begin shaping your wound. The more rigid... the more realistic.  
  2. Once you have a desired shape, take red eyeshadow and fill in the exposed section. Please be sure to get the edges very well.  
  3. Take a dark purple or browny/purple shade and go around the edges of exposed section.
  4. Take a yellowish green shadow and apply it to the outer edge of the "sore"... this will give it an infected look.  
  5. Apply clear mascara on the exposed portion. This will give the sore a fresh look.
Thats it!! I hope this helped.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Artist of the Month- October

The Resistance

This band is rather popular so I'm sure most of you are familiar with their music but the reason why I picked them for Artist of the Month is because they are 1) coming to Voodoo Fest and 2) They Rock!!

Enough Said.

Here are the links:
Purchase their album here: The Resistance

Sunday, October 10, 2010

L'oreal Infallible

So I was recently intrigued by this product and I decided to give it a try... well two tries. The first color I purchased was Eva's Caramel. I figured it looked good on Eva so it had to look good on me. Lies! This color looked totally awful on me.  However the name is very fitting!! Well the name of the product that is... it is rather infallible. I hated the color Eva's Caramel so much that I tried taking it off and it would not budge!!!  Four hours later I was eating a salad and it finally started rubbing off.  I pretty much had to exfoliate my lips to get the product off... which could be good and bad.  Anyway... lets just say my first experience was pretty awful but I did recognize that this product had potential so I decided to go with a more basic color that I would wear more often.  I ended up with the color Mulberry and the second time around I was bit more pleased.  Enough of color talk though... lets get down to the good and bad.

The Bad

  • The product is very dry. You just feel like you have dry lips the entire time its on.
  • The formula is sheer so you are able to see all of the creases in your lips. (Look at photo)
  • The product flakes when it begins to come off.

The Good
  • Its truly infallible. I doesn't come off at all. While drinking out of a water bottle and snacking over an 8 hour period it remained the same.
  • The applicator is oval shaped so you are able to get a more precise application. (See photo below)
  • The packaging is great. It keeps both lipcolor and top coat together.

All in all I think this product has potential. Its all about moisturizing before you put on the product and making sure you generously use the top coat!

Friday, August 6, 2010

All Day Wear

Want your makeup to last??

If you want your make up to last from morning to night than there are some secret weapons thats you must acquire....
  • Primer
  • Powder (face, eyeshadow)
Thats right you only need 2 things and you probably own it already.  Here are some tips for face, eyes, and lips.
    MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder To Go 0.17 oz
  • Before you begin to apply foundation... PUT ON A FACE PRIMER. You will apply a face primer after your moisturizer. Make sure that your moisturizer has set before you apply the primer. I also recommend that you wait for the primer to set before you begin to apply concealer/foundation. I recommend Laura Mercier or Makeup Forever.
  • After you put on foundation and concealer make sure that you use a powder to seal it all in. Powder acts as a drying agent to make sure that your makeup doesn't slide. 
  • For concealer, especially under the eyes, make sure that you use a powder that will not sink in to your wrinkles. Usually silicon based products will fair the best. I recommend getting the duo that comes with.
  • For your face, after you have completed your makeup be sure to pat on a translucent powder for extra wear. This really helps make sure that everything is sealed in.  This is especially good if you used a liquid or cream powder such as Nars Multiples or Benefit's Benetint products. I recommend using MakeUp Forever HD Microfinish Powder. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Original (nude dries invisibly) .34 fl oz (10 ml)Eyes
  • I have 4 words for you URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION. This is by far the best primer I have ever used for eyeshadow. I have tried MUF, Too Faced, Mac Paint Pots...Urban Decay has them beat. I have applied make up at 7am and it'll be 10pm and my eyeshadow remains the same. Its amazing. 
  • For eyebrows, I would recommend doing a wax and then applying eye shadow that matches and your eyebrows will look amazing all day long. 
  • If you use a pencil or just powder to fill in your brows than I recommend getting a clear gel to apply over. I recommend using a clear mascara if you can't find anything else.
CoverGirl Outlast Smoothwear Lip Liner, Berry 120 .09 oz (250 mg)Lips
  • First and foremost this is my most challenging part of all day wear. There are lip primers out there that will help but inevitably we must all eat and drink and this is when lipstick and gloss tend to fade. 
  • Before you apply lip product, be sure that your lips are moisturized and primed. I use benefit's lip plumper to prime my lips but there are tons of great primers out there.
  • Translucent powder are your friends. Dab it on top of lipstick and you are guaranteed to have a long wear.
  •  Lip pencils!! Fill in your lips with a lip liner that  matches your lipstick before you apply.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Buxom Lips In Monte Carlo

Buxom Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick Monte Carlo

Buxom Big & Healthy Lipstick

Lately I've been on a lip kick and all I want to buy is lip color. It occured to me that I have nudes, light pinks, coral, reds, plums, burgundy colors but that I don't have a nice vivid pink.  Well believe it or not it took me forever to find a pink that I thought wold suit me. The easy part would've been to go into a Mac store and pick something up but I'm a Sephora addict and I do love racking up those points... Luckily, I had my friend with me and she recommended the new Buxom Big & Healthy Lipstick.  I got the color Monte Carlo and its so pretty!! Not only that its a nice vivid pink that doesnt take you over the top. It also has amazing staying power. Overall, I'm pretty impressed. I've been pairing my Monte Carlo with Smashbox's Candy lipgloss! I love it. I think I'm going to go back and get some more colors. :)  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My favorite Youtube Gurus

They are in no particular order but my favorite make up youtube gurus are:

KandeeJohnson- She's super talented and is an actual make up artist!! She works on movies and her work is amazing. She has a lovely personality too. I love her because she does looks that anyone can do and then she still brings out the big guns with makeup looks inspired by characters in movies. Great guru!
Pixiwoo- These 2 sisters, Nic and Sam, are also professional make up artist that work more in the fashion industry. They do runway and fashion ads or shoots.  Their work is beautiful. They are both a delight to watch and are very thorough about what they do. Its a great free education.
MakeupbyTiffanyD- She is a Southern Belle!! I'm from the South so I just fell in love with her personality. I also really enjoy her videos because she caters to looks for every day make up. Since I dont really go to places that require wild make up; she gives me good inspiration to change up my everyday make up.
Bubzbeauty- She's so cute!! She's from Ireland and is super smart. I like watching her videos for tips! She''s very informative and she has a great sense of humor. She's a great source of info.
Panacea81- love love love her personality. She's so humble and funny. Her looks are usually based off of celebrities and she does a good job of mimicking their looks. It's very  helpful to watch her videos because she uses a wide variety of brands and she takes you step by step on how to apply make up.  I love it.

Check these ladies out on Youtube!!


Hoolah Bronzer by Benefit        Fluidline Eyeliner in Blacktrack by Mac      
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola                   MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel Blacktrack
Sin Eyeshadow- Urban Decay  Dragon Rouge Allure Laque- Chanel                                
Urban Decay Shimmer Eyeshadow Intense Shadow, Sin .05 oz (1.5 g)                 Chanel Rouge Allure Laque - # 75 Dragon - 6ml/0.2oz

Stacy's Pita Chips- Multigrain        Conair Hot Rollers
Stacy's Pita Chips, Multigrain, 6-Ounce Bag (Pack of 12)                          Conair CHV14J Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo-Sized Rollers

  1. Hoolah Bronzer by Benefit- very natural looking bronzer. Its very mid toned so it is versatile for any skin color. It also has a semi-matte finish so its perfect for contour.
  2. Blacktrack Fluidline by Mac- I usually use Coastal Scents for gel liner but I will say macs formula seems a bit smoother to work with and I'm very happy with it. I use it every day!
  3. Sin Eyeshadow by Urban Decay- this is my  new go to color. Its sooo pretty. Its a very light pink champagny frost color. I love it alone but I especially love it on the inner corners of the eyes. So pretty. 
  4. Rogue Allure Lacque in Dragon by Chanel- The perfect red lips!! Its beautiful. I actually found out about this color on Temptalia and I fell in love. It really is the perfect red. Its gorgeous. I get tons of compliments when I wear it. It applies like a lipgloss but dries like a lipstick. So beautiful.
  5. Multigrain Pita Chips by Stacy's- They taste wonferful!! I'm addicted.
  6. Hot Rollers by Conair- I purchased these exactly a month ago and I will say its so easy to use and quick. They take 85 seconds to warm up and it really smoothes your hair out. The curl that it gives is very Kardashianesque!! Its put my straightener on vacation for now!

The Saturdays!

The Saturdays

They are unlike most of the people that I've mentioned on here but what can I say I'm a sucker for a good girl group. They are natives to the UK and are pretty fun. Their lead singer has a great strong voice and they seem to posses the ingredients for a classic pop group!  I hope that they will actually try to expand to the U.S. but who knows? Check out their stuff!! They are on the verge of releasing a new album titled "Headlines" and the single "Missing You" is linked below...definitely check the girls out! The video after is for "Ego" that is acutally how I discovered them. I love that song!! Enjoy!

Sorry... I've been away!

I was hoping that I would be able to dedicate more time for my blog but unfortunately I've been very lazy and I haven't been very inspired either. Not to mention, I still don't have a camera but that is okay. I am back with a plan!! There should be quite a few more post after this one... along with some changes.

  • There will be another part of my site that is a forum. This forum is exclusively about retail shopping experiences. lol 
  • Favorite items of the month will still continue however I think I will be including more trends or looks with make up rather then make up itself.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Every Day Makeup!

Orgasm/Laguna Blush-Bronzer Duo and Orgasm Nail Polish Set NARS Sheer Lipstick, Napoli .12 oz (3.4 g)Smashbox Lip Gloss Lip Gloss, Aura .2 fl oz (6 ml)Urban Decay Urban Ammo Eye Palette

Okay, so once I get a working camera I am going to take a picture of this look and post it up. Rather than waiting on getting a new camera, I've decided to write about it because I'm already itching to try something new so here it is. Let your imagination go wild.

Well don't get too wild because its rather basic. I find that this look really works out when I'm in a rush and I feel like I want to look put together. You will need:

  • Nars Laguna Bronzer/Orgasm Duo
  • Nars Lipstick in Napoli
  • Smashbox Lipgloss in Aura
  • UD eyeshadows in Sin, Chopper, & Smog (All in Ammo Palette)
  • Black/Brown gel liner
  • Mascara
Okay, so not that you have to have the exact colors that I mentioned but if you get something close to it you should have the same nice glowy, summer natural look!  Not to mention it looks very natural but still accents well. If you want to rev up the look a little more I would wing out the eye liner and use a darker lip color. 

How to Do It!
  1. After you put your foundation/ concealer/powder/tinted moisturizer (whatever it is that you do lol) apply Nars Orgasm to the apple of your cheeks. 
  2. Then, take the Laguna bronzer and sweep it on your temples down to the hollows of your cheeks. Also, sweep across nose and areas that the sun would naturally hit your face.
  3. Now start your eyes. After you put down a base, sweep Sin all over your eyelid. Be sure that you get your inner corners very well and that you get it all the way to the brow bone. Take Chopper and apply it to the outer 3rd of your lid. This shade does have glitter so be careful! :) Once you are finished, apply Smog into your crease and blend! Finish off your eyes with some gel liner to give it a nice crisp line brown or black will be just fine and then apply mascara to your discretion.
  4. Finally...LIPS! Okay, so these lips are very fresh and soft. Apply Nars Napoli lipstick and top it off with Smashbox Aura lipgloss!
In 4 easy steps you have a great natural summer look!! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Pin Up Girl in You!

*Sorry I haven't updated in a while... I went to Disney and I had finals the week before that. :( I'm back now though!! *

I love love love love LOVE pin up make up and just the whole rockabilly attitude!! It's just so pristine!  I love the makeup, the clothes ,the shoes, the hair....everything!! It's just so feminine. <3  Today I want to share one of my favorite youtubers with you. Her username is LisaFreemontStreet. She does tons of hair and makeup looks that are inspired by the 40's and 50's. She does a great pin up series and she's very enjoyable to watch. She's not an amateur by any means and her looks always come out so pretty. Please check her out!! She's holding a giveaway right now to celebrate her subs!! Such great prizes. That is the first video and the second video is my favorite video from her!

Lisa Freemont Street Channel

Monday, April 26, 2010

Artist of the Month- Jonny Lang

Jonny Lang!!

This guy is amazing live!  If you arent familiar with his music... then you need to be. He plays the blues and his guitar playing skills are pretty godly.  What can I say, the man is TALENTED!  He is best known for his hit "Lie To Me" though my favorite is "Give Me Up Again." Other noteworthy songs are "Red Light" and "Breaking Me."  He has gone into more of a Gospel direction lately but that makes him all the better. I've had the privilege of seeing him live twice and both times were pretty amazing. If you want to get into his music some more click these links! Also at the bottom I will be adding a video from when I saw him at Jazzfest... definitely check that out. You'll see what I mean when I talk about how great he is live!! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Update: What's Next!

I want to make my blog a little more versatile and just a teeny bit personal.  So I will  be doing more makeup, music, and fashion related blogs but I will be adding in random photos and blurbs.
Look forward to:

  • Nars Swatches (lipsticks and blush)
  • Jonny Lang (Jazzfest)
  • How to make a Bracelet (very simple & fun)
  • Accessories Series ( how to wear scarves, long necklaces, bib necklaces, head bands etc.)
  • Classic Beauty Series (Its not what you think!)
  • Random Photo (maybe from my mobile or my camera... hopefully I'll find some nice treasures along the way)


Laguna Bronzer- Nars
Doe Eyed Felt Liner in Black - Sephora (I am going to get every color!! It makes liquid liner so much better!)
Sellout Eyeshadow- Urban Decay
Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar- Lush Cosmetics

Other Favorites:
Sherlock Holmes film directed by Guy Ritchie
Black Tights- Forever 21 $4.99
Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kat Von D


Rosary Lipstick
True Romance Palette-
Metal Orchestra

I'm a pretty average girl but if I had enough guts I would attempt my hardest to be as cool as Kat Von D. :) I think she is so gorgeous!  Well long ago when I heard about her coming out with a line at Sephora I was super pumped.  I never really got around to getting any of her stuff until now!  I bought the lipstick Rosary probably 5 months ago and I recently purchased the Metal Orchestra palette.  I can honestly say that although I will sparingly wear the products that I bought... I definitely don't regret it. There is a full swatch at the end!

Painted Love Lipstick in Rosary
First things first... the picture at the top that shows the lipstick + palette is a more accurate photo.  This one came out a little too bright!  The shade that I bought was Rosary.  It's a matte, super deep, burgundy. It's creamy and the staying power is pretty nice.  This shade is definitely vampy!  I think this looks great with a naked eye with a winged liner.  It's just one of those colors that you want to wear when you are feeling daring. I would recommend this lipstick for people with medium to darker skin tones.  It may flush you out if you are a little on the pale side.  However, if that is the look you are going for than this is your golden ticket. 

True Romance EyeShadow Palette in Metal Orchestra

In general, the colors are pretty pigmented and are very appealing. In the palette only 2 are shimmers and that is Techno and Dagger.  All of the colors are satiny with dash of shimmer except for lucifer... that one is matte. Slayer is a metallic, cream shadow and it has a very nice texture and pigmentation is wonderful.  I would most definitely wear a primer with these.  Also, when working with these colors I would save foundation for last!  The fall out is pretty bad.

1. First Class- Frosty White
2. Techno- Royal Blue with silver shimmer.
3. Thrasher- Medium Blue (applies dark)
4. Dagger- Beautiful Navy with Blue Shimmer

5. Lucifer- matte charchoal (applies lighter)
6. Glock- Gunmetal (super pigmented)
7. Razor Gray- very light gray (applies lighter)
8. Slayer- Metallic Silver Cream Shadow

My favorites are First Class, Dagger, Glock, Razor Gray and Slayer!!