Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lauren Luke- My Smokey Classics

Lauren Luke's Smokey Classics

This review/swatch is way over due but nonetheless here it goes.  I got this palette a few months ago because I wanted to try out Lauren's stuff since I subscribe to her on Youtube.  Anyway, out of all of the palettes I decided to go w/ the smokey classics because the colors were versatile. The eye shadows, blush, and primers are nice a creamy and blendable. I was really impressed with the quality of the packaging and product. Anyhow, here are few pictures and I will do a break down of each color below.


Nude Slip Dark/Light Primer: They work great. Its a bit of a thick formula and trust me a little goes a long way.  The only issue I am  having with it is that the Twilight Ash eyeshadow flakes a gets into the light primer. :(  Otherwise, I do like it. I can't say anything bad about it.  Its a nice size and I still haven't hit the bottom yet.
Eye Shadows:
  • Antique Pewter:This is my favorite shade out of the lot. Its very pretty. I use it as a neutral when I'm blending or if I want to do a natural look I use this as my outer V color.  I get tons of compliments on it and Lauren Luke loves using this color in her tutorials.  Lets just say if she sold this just alone I would purchase it. Great color and is pigmented very well.
  • Twilight Ash:  This one is super pigmented and it  has a silver glitter in it. This color would be good for a night time look! It would make any smokey eye classier
  • Cashmere Cream:  This is a good base color or highlight color. Its a little yellow but is very pretty. I've used this color alot for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes.
Raven Black Cream Liner: Mmmm I'm going to say that I'm not a huge fan of it.  After a while it goes pretty dry.  If you dip a damp brush in there it will do the trick.  Not bad if you are just trying out gel liner but I would recommend other cream liners.
Peach Glow Blush: Unfortunately this color doesn't show up on me very well.  Its a very natural sheen.  Its quite pretty. I use it as a highligher or if I just want a little glow to me I'll dab some on. Its a gorgeous color.
Lip Color
  • Plumberry: Nice natural pink.  Its a little on the mauvy side. Its not too bright and it doesnt apply on thick. Its quite sheer.  In the pictures I put on several coats.
  • Cranberry Stain: As the name implies it is a cranberry color. Its a little brighter than i like but its pretty once layered w/ lipstick. This is a good daytime color just to give your face a pop of color.
If you'd like to get your own you can find it at the following link: By Lauren Luke My Smokey Classics Palette

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