Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black Kids- Artist of the Month

Black Kids

I was turned on to this band by a couple of friends.  I am only familiar from their latest album "Partie Traumatic"  and let me tell you... I'm digging them. They are pretty indie but with a very contemporary edge.  I love the songs "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You" and "Look At Me".  I'm definitely going to keep an eye on these guys because I have a feeling that they are going to explode!!

Check out their stuff!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Lip Care

So the weather hasn't been too friendly with my skin and much more so my lips.  They have just been very dry and flaky.  Eeeks!  Furthermore, I've been really into lipstick lately and in order to pull off some lipstick your lips have to be in tiptop condition!  


This chap stick has been my best friend.  I carry it with me everywhere.  Until recently, I've been a die hard Burt's Bees fanatic when it comes to chap stick but this product has got them beat.  It has sort of a lemony flavor to it but its not too strong.  After a week of using it, I noticed a big change in my lips.  They were softer and guess what... NO FLAKES! So gross.  Anyway, I definitely recommend this lip balm for anyone who is looking to try something new. I had great results.

Okay so in order to keep my lips looking nice and healthy while I  have lipstick on I use my Benefit Lip Plump.  Contrary to what the name of the product says... IT DOES NOT PLUMP LIPS.  It's not a lip plumper at all, it is a primer.  They must've named it that because once it fills in the ridges on your lips your lips appear to be fuller.  This is the first lip primer that I have ever used so I can't really give a good review on the product but I will be rebuying this product because it gives a nice base color to any shade of lipstick.  It also keeps my lipstick stay put and it fills in ridges. You have to be patient with this product though.  A little goes a long way but you have to wait for it to dry.  Once it dries than apply lipstick on top.  If you know of any other lip primers that are great please leave a comment below.


It actually makes me very sad to type to this because I'm out of this product. This is the laura geller lip strip.  Its an exfoliater for your lips!  This product is to be used once a week.  This practically gets rid of all the dried skin on your lips instantly.  It has a gritty consistency and has a pepperminty taste/smell to it.  Its really great.  So if you constantly have dried out lips...USE IT.  

 Another alternative to a weekly lip treatment is using a toothbrush!  Definitely use a soft tooth brush and gently massage your lips. This too will also remove dead skin and is less expensive. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Current Favorites

Alrighty.... so I have just a few favorites but here it goes

Napoli Lipstick-Nars
Honolulu Honey Lipstick- Nars
Fresh Salmon Lipstick- MAC
Gold Dust Lipglass- MAC
Lash Blast Mascara- Covergirl
Rock Star Soap- Lush

Millionaire Match Maker- BRAVO
Best of Blondie Album- Music
Community Channel - Youtube Channel