Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Shortness of Life

Here today, Gone Tomorrow... Literally!

I, myself, am the hugest procrastinator I know. Its awful but the more and more I go on with my life I see that time runs out way faster than I want it to and that time is not your FRIEND.  Lets face it folks... the only thing guaranteed in life is death.  No one is guaranteed to be successful, get married, have children, or graduate from college... thats why we have to MAKE those things happen.  

A tough lesson that I've had to learn was that if you have something on your mind whether it be positive or negative... you must let it out. Life is too short to hold things in and not tell loved ones things that you feel will benefit them. I wish I could go back in time and maybe tell some people some advice that I had stored up. 

If you have dreams or aspirations chase them now before time is out. If you are in a rut get out of it now because it may last you your lifetime. Its time to make a change!  Regardless if this change is big or small... there is no time to remain idle.  If you want to write a book, be an actor, go to college, start your own business... MAKE IT HAPPEN.  At the same token, don't be irrational and spontaneous. lol  I know that there isn't much time to ponder but definitely HAVE A PLAN.

My advice to all is this: Don't waste your life waiting for the next opportunity to come along. Chase what you want and succeed. Drive your life where you want it to go. Yes, not everything goes as you plan it to but the more want you have the easier it is to get over obstacles. This life is short and its too short for you not to remain with out a plan and a place to go.