Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are Shoe Serious: The Right Fit!

Are Shoe Serious: The Perfect Fit

The Golden Rule: "Does my shoe fit?" Requires a yes or no answer!  There are no ifs or maybes involved. Try on a shoe before you purchase them.

Sometimes we fall into traps when we see the cutest shoe that isn't quite our size... chances are the shoe wont look quite as cute if its too big or too small. When trying on shoes, be honest with yourself and only make sacrifices that are feasible.

Things to remember:
FootFitter Pro Two-Way Shoe Stretcher, Women's Medium (US 6.5 - 8.5)1. Shoes break in! If they are just a little snug {and I just mean a little} then simply break them in. You can invest in shoe stretchers if your feet are a little wide. Tip: To get your shoes to stretch faster put rubbing alcohol on the inside of your shoe right before you wear them.
2. There are fitting solutions available. Do you need more support? Maybe a heel grip? They can be purchased at drug stores and major retailers. You have the power to make shoes fit you better... don't feel defeated.
3.  LISTEN TO YOUR SHOE SALESMAN/WOMAN! They can give you vital information as far as how a shoe runs (big or small) and how the design will effect the way it fits.

 A. When wearing an open toe shoe you want to make sure that your toes remain on your shoe. You should also be able see some of the front of the shoe as well!
B. As you can see, the heel remains on the shoe and you can still see the inner sole of the shoe in the front and the back. Its just enough space.
C. Pumps can be very difficult to fit. As you can see in the photo, there is absolutely no space in the back.  When purchasing pumps, remember that your foot is on an incline so you want a fit that is secure around the entire foot.

A. This is a big no no! Even if you are hanging off just a little bit... it looks awful!
B.  See where the pink material meets the inner sole? Thats where your heel should be!
C.  Open toe shoes are designed to show your toes! That shoe is way too big! Go down a size!
D. If you have any space in the back of your shoe... dont wear it. You are asking for trouble walking and possibly a shoe falling off.
E. Another look at a sling back that is way too big.
F. This is the worse!! Toes hanging off the edges is a sin!

A special thanks to my friends India, Ashley & Dung for being foot models! :)

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