Monday, July 25, 2011

Geek Chic Glitter Grenade Rocker Look

I've never done an official make up tutorial but there is always time for a first!! I recently purchased Geek Chic's new Glitter Grenade in Frag. I was really excited when I received it.  This look is not as intense as lets say Taylor Momsen's rocker eye but its definitely not a day look!!  To intensify the eye you can also line under the eye.
Geek Chic Glitter Grenades
Its no secret that I'm a big fan of Geek Chic Cosmetics but once again I was really happy with one of their products. I was a little scared at first because most glitter shadows don't show up well or look really, really cheesy when they are on. The Glitter Grenade is awesome in that not only are the sparkles super glitsy, but its quality product!  The glitter looks glamorous! I will say that like any glitter product... there is going to be a lot of fall out. Be sure that you use a primer before applying and if you are applying it over an eye shadow a good trick is to make sure your brush is damp! Also, the pictures don't do it justice. They sparkle much more.

Glitter Grenade in Frag

You'll need: 3 brushes (1 flat brush and 2 eye shadow brushes of your choice), primer, black eye liner (kohl is recommended), black mascara, dark grey eyeshadow {Glock by Kat Von D}, and a dark navy duochrome eyeshadow {Solid Snake by Geek Chic Cosmetics
**Tip: Whenever working with loose powders that tend to have fall out, pat the eye shadow or glitter. Do not sweep across!!  Patting allows direct application to one area and less fall out!

1. Apply eye shadow primer on your bare lid. Let it set and apply dark charcoal eye shadow to your lids. Do not go past your crease line. You want to make sure that you create a rounded shape.
2. Take your dark navy shadow and put it in and above your crease and outer v area.  Be sure that you blend, blend, blend because we will not be using a highlight color. 
3. Before you apply the Glitter Grenade be sure that you get a post card or envelope and put it under your eye. This will catch fall out and make your life much easier!
4. Take your flat brush and dip it in water; you want your brush to be damp. This will grab the product better and ensure that it will make it stick  to your shadow. Pat the glitter on your lids!
5. After, apply eye liner on your lids. You can wing it if you'd like an extra dramatic look. I also put eye liner on my water line and the outer portion of my lower line.  Finish the look with some black mascara and you're all set.

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