Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pixics... a place to be a fashionable nerd.

I was recently informed of a new online store called Pixics.com! I was immediately intrigued when I saw the logo because underneath the word Pixics it says "Indie Vintage Retro Geek"... and I love all of those things!  Anyway, I've been pretty excited about finding new online stores because sometimes you can find great deals on them and the merchandise tends to be unique.

Here are some items that I thought were pretty awesome! A. Antique Charm Bracelet - This bracelet is uber cute! I love the beading details and rosette. I think this would be a great piece to wear on a casual jeans and t-shirt day to give your outfit a feminine edge.  B. Paris Cat Tank - I love stripes and cats so naturally I loved this top. This would be great to wear with a pair of dark skinny jeans and peep toe booties. C. Hearts Afire Tea Infuser - I adore this. If you aren't familiar with a tea infuser... its pretty much a fancier version of a tea bag.  All you have to do is put your tea leaves in the mesh ball and drop it in your boiling water. D. Hearts Afire Tea Infuser - This picture does this product more justice. I love the antique look of the heart and it looks pretty fabulous hanging out of that tea cup! E. Bud-dy System Dress - Such a romantic dress!  This is a great date dress! Its not too slutty and not too modest. ;) Its perfect for summer too!  F. Jack Skellington Solar Bobble Head - I thought this was so silly but I would totally buy it! Apparently, when little Jack gets enough light he starts to dance. I cant decide if that's a little creepy or fun. Any how, its a pretty cool gift to give someone or to yourself. hehe

Oh and because you know how much I love a good give away... this website is giving away a Yoshi Pillow!

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