Saturday, July 23, 2011

T-shirt Modification: Knotted Tank & Braided Tank

 Have t-shirts that are cool but don't know what to do with them? Easy... modify them to make a new fun top. Check out the videos if the step by step tutorials are a little confusing.  

What You Need: A t-shirt you don't mind cutting (the bigger the better), fabric scissors, & Cloth Marker

Important Tips:  Be sure that you are trying on the shirts and marking with your fabric marker where you want to make your cuts... trust me on this one!!

To make a fun spiral design,check this out!!  She's good!

 Knotted Tank
 1. After you have marked where you'd like to cut. Cut off your collar in to which ever shape you'd like.
 2. Cut sleeves off.
 3. Cut off any extra length.
 4. Cut off top seam of shirt & any collar left over.
 5. Cut down the center of the shirt to where you'd like your straps to start.  I chose the mid back because I wanted to option to criss cross the straps.   At this point you can also modify the thickness of the straps.
6. At this point you can knot the top of the straps and cut off any extra fabric!!  ALL DONE.

 Braided Straps 
**For this project you will also need 2 long pieces of fabric (30 inch recommended)
 1.  Cut collar, sleeves, and extra length off.                                                                     
 2.  Cut off top seam of shirt. Then cut each strap in half. This will leave you with 8   different straps.
 3. Next, take your long piece of fabric and knot it at the base of the strap. Make sure that your knot is concealed to the inside of the shirt. Begin to braid. Make sure you pull on fabric while your braid to ensure you are using the most of your fabric.
 4. Once you've reached the end of your braid, knot the tshirt to the underside of your shirt.  Now, take the other end of the long fabric and start on the back side of your shirt. Repeat step 3.
 5. Now cut your long piece of fabric. I suggest trying on your shirt and seeing how much fabric you need to keep. Make your knot accordingly.
 6. Now cut off all of the extra fabric... if you have fabric glue I recommend going back and gluing the knots. ALL DONE.


  1. That's pretty neat, the reworking of the shirts look great

  2. wow! good ideas. I love the zebra shirt, but they both look much better than before the mod. I did a diy knotted shoelace necklace post this funny...we're getting all tangled!