Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Turquoise Summer

Turquoise Summer

Turquoise Summer by Fleur Luxe featuring agate rings

Whats great about summer is COLOR. This particular summer, I am obsessed with turquoise. Even a turquoise accent can liven up any outfit!  Not to mention, turquoise looks great on every skin tone!  So whether you decide to shop for a new nail polish or are on the hunt for some fun shoes... don't forget about this great hue!  

Not sure what you can wear with turquoise?  I find that it looks best with colors like coral, mustard, and oranges.  If you have a turquoise top and want to wear a denim I would stick with white!  As far as accessorizing goes... silver tends to be paired with it often but I find gold is more bold!

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