Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Artist of the Month: The Revivalists

The Revivalists

If I could describe this band with one word it would be... RAW. They have a great ole southern rock n roll sound but with touches of New Orleans Jazz & Funk. It's oddly exciting and calming all at once.  I think you'll have to give them a listen to decipher them out for yourself. All I know, is that there is something special about The Revivalists and their sound.

 I haven't had the pleasure of going to any of their shows, but my very good friend has gone to quite a few and she tells me that it's truly a great experience. I was also informed that besides the music that David Shaw (lead vocals) is another reason to go see them.  Hopefully, I'll have a chance to on the 16th at The Maple Leaf. ::fingers crossed:: If you'd like to see them, you can check out their show schedule {here}.

They have an EP titled The Revivalists that has 5 songs on it as well as their first album titled Vital Signs which features many great songs! My favorties are "Catching Fireflies" "Appreciate Me I" and "Hurricane Winselow."   On their official site, it says that a new album will be released in early 2012.

The Revivalists Links
Official Website
Official Youtube
Featurette Video about Band:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Falling Head Over Heels...

In the famous words of Rachel Zoe "I DIE" when I look at all of these shoes.  So here I have compiled my favorite 7 pairs of shoes of the moment. I only own one pair out of all these and I doubt I will ever be able to own the others unless I find something similar for cheap!  Anyway, either pair shown would make a lovely edition to a fall wardrobe.  A list of styles and prices are below the photo.
Shoes I love ATM

Top-L to R: Jessica Simpson style: Cheetah $98, Brian Atwood style: Felini $759, Guess by Marciano style: Korrine $99, Christian Louboutin style: Pampas 120 $1595
Bottom-L to R: Steve Madden style: Wiicked $129.95, Betsey Johnson style: Sashaa-P $80, Sam Edelmann style: Renzo $250

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Links a la Mode: IFB Weekly Roundup

Knock, knock, Who's there? It's me September! The month you learn to love and hate... But love more.


That's right everyone September is right around the corner waiting to knock on your door. As fashion bloggers this gets to be a rather insane month. You run around like crazy from place to place and your schedule may seem never ending. I don't know about you, but I tend to ask myself... How can I top last September? It's a month for makeovers! Now before you go grab your friends and have a scene straight out of Clueless, let me clarify what I mean by makeover. I don't expect you to be only concerned about what you're wearing but EVERYTHING! I believe September is a great month for change. Refresh your wardrobe, change your writing style up a bit, find different angles to cover shows, go back and look at last September and figure out how to spice things up this year, perhaps it's time to refresh your gadgets?, change your make-up palette, read new content, simply explore! Change is usually a good thing.


The IFB Weekly Roundup: LINKS À LA MODE: AUG 25TH



Fashion's Night Out at Shopbop: Hakaan, Raoul, Dsquared2, Clutches, Parker, Sonia Rykiel, Aiko, Rag & Bone, Ash, Siwy, Bags, MM6, & Rachel Zoe Clothing.




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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just a Touch of Glitter!

I have been meaning to write a series about the fine lines in fashion... you know the fine line between gaudy/bold or boring/classic or hot mess/fashionista but, I honestly feel like I cross all of those lines so I don't want to tackle it just yet. :)  Anyway, this nail look made me think of those fine lines because its perfectly balanced.  Not to mention, this is a super quick look!
I originally saw this on one of my favorite blogs Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Emily used Essie's Mint Candy Apple and she actually used craft glitter by Martha Stewart in Aquamarine.  I opted for lavender and a mauvy pink glitter instead.  I say this look is for ladies who love some sparkle because it's just enough.  You can of course put glitter on all nails but I think this is a great accent for those who like a more demure look with touches of bold.  Also, if you are a little older, this is a very appropriate way to show your fun side.

Strobe Light & Lacey Lilac
  1. Apply base coat. Let dry.
  2. Apply base color of your choice. I went with Sally Hansen's Lacy Lilac and let dry. (I used two coats)
  3. Take glitter of your choice and apply to tips. If you opt to use loose glitter like Emily did then apply to area you'd like glitter to be and then take a paint brush and add glitter.
  4. Top coat all of your nails & presto!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

From Nicaragua with Love

My parents when they first moved to the USA
Growing up in a home where you learn the American culture side by side with your parents is rather interesting.  In elementary school, my friends always thought that it was funny that I called my father "Papa" instead of "Dad" & I was embarrassed by my parent's accents.  Whenever my parents would visit Nicaragua they would bring back jewelry or some home decor and I always thought it was odd looking and not modern & cool like everything in America. Lets just say... as a child I didn't really care much for my family's roots.

As the years passed, I grew to love my parent's accents and I envy their inability to pronounce words that start with "s" correctly. I find myself wondering why I don't call my dad "Papa" as much as I used to and I love the fact that there are little touches of Nicaragua around their home. Its funny how time changes things.  My parents recently returned from a trip to Nica and they came back bearing gifts made by locals.

sea turtle on vase
My mom brought me back a great purse, bracelet, & vase. A. The purse is something I've been wanting for a long time. I love the colorful textile mixed with the tooled leather. The bright colors make it a statement piece but due to the textures on the leather and material its a great bag for everyday wear. B. The vase is a great item to either decorate a patio or it can be a nice edition to an indie beach themed room. C. The bracelet is made from colorful wood beads. I love that it has a very native look to it but its still chic enough to wear with a fitted day dress.  What I most love about all of these items is that its all made and sold by locals in an open market. For instance, with the bracelet you can see that the elastic was knotted by  hand. I feel like features like that give it more value because you can see that someone put their hard work and time into it. 
Tooled Leather - bottom of purse

Moral of the story: Embrace your family's culture and you'll actually find more treasures. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Chance for a School to Go Green!

image: sippakorn /

There is a lot of talk about going green and down sizing our individual carbon foot prints... but when those ideas are taken to a school level you can actually see what a difference going green can be. After Hurricane Katrina, a handful of schools were rebuilt as Green Seeds Schools and the results were amazing.  On average, the schools were saving $23,500/year in utilities(*). Ultimately, the renovations were paying for themselves!  The organization in charge of this wonderful movement is Global Green USA.  Please check out their site to get more information on how they have made a great impact.

Schools that have gone green have seen improvements in not only energy conservation but also in people. Some of the most notable improvements are the rise in better test scores and increased teacher retentiona(*).  If you know of a school that can really benefit from this... you now have a chance to make a difference. As a member of the Influenster network, I was informed of this great contest that Pureology was doing with Global Green USA.  One school that has been nominated will be picked for a "Green Make Over" there will also be 4 runner up schools that will receive $2500 towards their green renovations. Please go to for all of the details. 

*Statistics were pulled directly from Global Green USA-New Orleans

Monday, August 15, 2011

How to: Easy Rainbow Cake!!

This cake looks awesome and it's super easy to make!!  This would be a great way to make a birthday cake more exciting. You can make this cake from scratch but, I like to keep things simple.
What you will need:
  • Cake Mix
  • Eggs, Oil, & Milk/Water (according to mix)
  • Food coloring (I used 3)
  • Bowls (according to how many colors)
  • Baking Pan 
  • Fun Sprinkles
  • Icing of your choice

Top View- Yummy!!

  1. Mix the cake batter and divide it evenly among the bowls.
  2. Add a different food coloring to each bowl. Mix very well.
  3. Next pour in each bowl on the center of the baking pan. You want to do this in layers. When you are done the batter will almost look like a target. I unfortunately didn't take a picture of this... it was so pretty. So I made an awful image from paint. :)  You can also take a tooth pick and swirl the icing for a more fun effect.
  4. Bake your cake. Don't be alarmed if your cake is an odd color. Icing will cover it right up.  Let your cake cool.
  5. Ice cake with an icing of your choice. I prefer white icing with a rainbow cake because its so plain. Add sprinkles. If you aren't a sprinkle fan you can just pipe the icing on and make a fun design.
  6. Serve and enjoy!!
Side View

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Kitty, 16 Count Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Wild Child, 16 Count

Description of product directly from Sally Hansen: "Sally Knows nails are the best accessory. Now, Sally makes it easy to get a salon effect anytime, any place. It wears like nail polish because it IS nail polish. No dry time, so you’re ready to go.
Lasts up to 10 days
Removes easily with nail polish remover
24 fashion-forward styles"

Sally Hansen Nail Effects in Frock Star
Every time I apply a new nail polish I feel so content. You know that feeling!  You look at your fingers and toes and think "Wow, they look so pretty."  You even go out of your way to put on a top coat just so that it lasts longer... but you already know the deal.  Nails need to be maintained at least once or twice a week.  So, when my friend, Angela, came to work with some fun, leopard nails that lasted a solid week... I had to try the SH Salon Effects. 

Extremely easy!!  Its like applying a sticker onto your nail. I did find that it was easier to just cut off the excess with small scissors and then file down the rest.  The only catch here is your timing. If you peel your "sticker" and do not apply immediately; it will dry and become useless.  Otherwise, its great there is no mess and obviously very little dry time.

L to R: Frock Star & Laced Up

I was very pleased with the way it looked. It really looks like you have a professional manicure.  The strips don't look too stickery so you don't have to worry about it looking too child like.    I opted to try the Laced Up print and I must say that it is quite pretty when it's on.  I received a lot of compliments. If you feel like it may be too much print for your hands just do accent nails. :)

Day 3: With out Top Coat (Laced Up)

Long Lasting?

Day 7: With out Top Coat (Laced Up)
In the pictures above, I have the Salon Effects paired up with OPI for Sephora's "What's a Tire Jack". I didn't apply a top coat on either one. This part of reviweing the product was the most painful! Seeing chipped nails that looked unkept was sooo gross!  I removed the product on Day 8 because I couldnt help it. Anyway, Sally Hansen cleverly advertises it as up to 10 days so you can't say that they failed if it does fall short of 10 days but, honestly I could say that it's passable for 6-7 days. After that, I would definitely suggest reapplying. Is it more long lasting than regular nail polish? YES.  Was it hard for even nail polish remover to take it off? YES.  However, it does seems that Frock Star (glitter shown above) chipped very quickly... so I recommend applying a top coat on that one in particular.  

 The package comes with 16 strips. If you were to apply it to all fingers that would only be one manicure and half. If you just did accent nails you could possibly get 4-5 wears out of one box.  The retail value is $9.99.  A bottle of nail polish will run anywhere from $6.00-$9.00 and you can get at least 10-15 wears out of that.  Having said that, I think if you buy the Salon Effects that have a design then, $9.99 is an okay price. If you buy a solid color then you are paying a little too much. Luckily, a lot of drug stores will run specials like buy one, get one half off so you might want to take advantage of that.   

I give this product a 3.5 out of 5.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another MAC Giveaway!!!!!!

Hello Fleurettes!

Miss Coqueta from Be Beauty My Girl  is throwing her own MAC give away!  Her prizes are super awesome!  One lucky winner will receive Faux Gold from the Semi Precious collection as well as the Constructivist Paint Pot.  Her contest ends on 8/31 so be sure to check it out before its too late!

Also, her site is in Spanish but Google translate can help you out!!  These are the basics you need:

Go to this post:
1. Follow her blog via Google Friend Connect or RSS feed
2. Fill out your name (can be username)
3. Leave an email (won't be published) - this is how she'll contact the winner
4. Just leave the word "Participar" as a comment.

Super Easy!!  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

No matter how many trends sweep through the fashion world, the timeless looks of fashion's most beloved icons are always in style. This week's Links a la mode gives a nod to iconic visionaries and brands--both old, new and on the rise. Can you think of anyone else you'd rather hang out with... or have in your Google+ circle?





Shop Style at Shopbop: Lyn Devon, Olcay Gulsen, Zac Posen, DKNY, Velvet, MK Totem, Adam Lippes, Oliver Theyskens, & Alexander McQueen.



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Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Give Away!

To show our continued appreciation for supporting us... Icurious Media & FleurLuxe have teamed up to bring a fun giveaway to end the summer!!

There will be 3 winners.

This is what you can win:
  • Grand Prize: Summer Breeze Tote & 2 MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadows and Lipsticks/Lip Glasses of your choice (permanent collection only)
  • 2nd Prize: 1 MAC Eye Shadow & 1 MAC Lipstick/Lip Glass of your choice (permanent collection)
  • 3rd Prize:  1 MAC Eye Shadow & 1 MAC Lipstick/Lip Glass of your choice (permanent collection)

How to Win:
Go on the Facebook Pages & Youtube Video links below and tell us what your favorite part about summer is! Easy. There are 3 chances to win the Grand Prize and only 1 chance to win the 2nd and 3rd Prizes.  I recommend doing ALL 3 steps below because it'll enter you to win all 3 prizes.
1. Go to {this Youtube video} and leave a comment about your fav. thing about summer.
2. Go to {Icurious Media Facebook Page} Like the page and comment on post about give away!
3. Go to {FleurLuxe Facebook Page} Like the page and comment on post about give away!

How it works:


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Drug Store Foundation Challenge: Almay Clear Complexion Foundation

If you'd like to read all about this challenge {click here}...

Almay Clear Complexion Makeup, Tan 340, 1-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)
Shown inTan
Description of Almay Clear Complexion Foundation from Almay Offical Website: blemisheal technology contains salicylic acid to heal and conceal blemishes for an even complexion. mineral complex absorbs oil. aloe and chamomile soothe skin to help reduce redness.

Double Warning: One of the pictures below shows me with out ANY make up on. Another shows my face once the foundation is on... the flash made it look a lot lighter than it truly appeared. Oh, and my hair is wet! I seriously thought about not uploading these pics haha

A. No Make Up (Flash) B. Almay Clear Complexion in Sand (flash) C.  Same Foundation without  flash
I picked out my color according the what I felt was my closest shade -and I failed miserably. I purchased the color Sand when I should've purchased Tan... It just looked too pinky in the bottle. That is one of the major set backs when purchasing foundation at a drug store.  There is no way to test it out and then purchase.  However, a lot of retailers do let you return used make up... so not all hope is lost. I kinda made it work by applying some bronzer but I can't say that it looked good.

Anyway, I tried out this foundation for 5 days and these are my final thoughts:

  • Redness is minimized
  • Inexpensive $10.80 (about 4 times less then I normally pay)
  • Easily accessible- Almay is available at most major retailers (Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.)
  • Long lasting -- without primer it lasted about 5 hours
  • Formula is very dry -yes its for combo to oily skin but, it is very hard to work with. Dries with an "ashy" finish
  • Cakey on blemishes. It almost spot lights blemishes :(
  • Must use a lot of product to cover entire face
  • Though it reduces redness... the coverage is not great.
All in all, I would only recommend this product if your skin is EXTREMELY oily. If you have combination'll do more bad than good. If you have the right correctors underneath... this foundation would be simply passable. The biggest issue I have is that its hard to work with. It does not blend well and looks cakey in undesirable spots.

I give this product a 2 out 5

Monday, August 1, 2011

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

Whether we realize it or not, we are all influenced by something, whether it be celebrities, trends or designs of the past. This week’s links a la mode celebrates influencers and the voices we create from our inspiration. As fashion bloggers, we have each other to look for when we are feeling uninspired and this community is something we should never take for granted!

Links à la Mode: July 28st

Alexander Wang Fall Sale at Shopbop: New Dresses , Jackets, Pants, Tee Shirts, Sweaters, Reviews, T by Alexander Wang, Wallets, Black Handbags, Shop Alexander Wang Bags

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