Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Chance for a School to Go Green!

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There is a lot of talk about going green and down sizing our individual carbon foot prints... but when those ideas are taken to a school level you can actually see what a difference going green can be. After Hurricane Katrina, a handful of schools were rebuilt as Green Seeds Schools and the results were amazing.  On average, the schools were saving $23,500/year in utilities(*). Ultimately, the renovations were paying for themselves!  The organization in charge of this wonderful movement is Global Green USA.  Please check out their site to get more information on how they have made a great impact.

Schools that have gone green have seen improvements in not only energy conservation but also in people. Some of the most notable improvements are the rise in better test scores and increased teacher retentiona(*).  If you know of a school that can really benefit from this... you now have a chance to make a difference. As a member of the Influenster network, I was informed of this great contest that Pureology was doing with Global Green USA.  One school that has been nominated will be picked for a "Green Make Over" there will also be 4 runner up schools that will receive $2500 towards their green renovations. Please go to  http://www.pureology.com/greenschools for all of the details. 

*Statistics were pulled directly from Global Green USA-New Orleans

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