Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just a Touch of Glitter!

I have been meaning to write a series about the fine lines in fashion... you know the fine line between gaudy/bold or boring/classic or hot mess/fashionista but, I honestly feel like I cross all of those lines so I don't want to tackle it just yet. :)  Anyway, this nail look made me think of those fine lines because its perfectly balanced.  Not to mention, this is a super quick look!
I originally saw this on one of my favorite blogs Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Emily used Essie's Mint Candy Apple and she actually used craft glitter by Martha Stewart in Aquamarine.  I opted for lavender and a mauvy pink glitter instead.  I say this look is for ladies who love some sparkle because it's just enough.  You can of course put glitter on all nails but I think this is a great accent for those who like a more demure look with touches of bold.  Also, if you are a little older, this is a very appropriate way to show your fun side.

Strobe Light & Lacey Lilac
  1. Apply base coat. Let dry.
  2. Apply base color of your choice. I went with Sally Hansen's Lacy Lilac and let dry. (I used two coats)
  3. Take glitter of your choice and apply to tips. If you opt to use loose glitter like Emily did then apply to area you'd like glitter to be and then take a paint brush and add glitter.
  4. Top coat all of your nails & presto!

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