Friday, September 2, 2011

5 of My Favorite Decor Ideas

Ever walk in to your house and think... "Eeeeh." Questions emerge like "Why the heck do I have a porcelain doll in my living room... its creepy!?!" and "Why did I put furry pillows on that couch?" or simply "What was I thinking?"  If this sounds like you then perhaps you just need some inspiration. A room can feel completely different by simply moving the furniture, taking down some old decor, or just refinishing.  Here are my favorite decor ideas that'll give a room some new charm.

*Photos provided by sites listed below

  1. Simplify. Get rid of the clutter and you'll see that your room opens up and feels so much better to walk in to. The picture above shows counters cleared except for a large flower vase. Something as simple as that is just enough that you are able to appreciate things like furniture and wall color more.  Remember simple isn't always boring. Picture via Ely Ounes
  2. Have a plain wall and think that those wall decals are a little cheesy?  Consider doing a mural with yarn. Yes, yarn and no, its not as complicated as it looks. I've also seen wall accents made with looms and hoola hoops strategically covered in yarn.  This is a great way to add texture to an otherwise drab room. Picture via Instructables
  3. Spruce Up Your Bookshelf.  Have nothing but books and photo frames on your shelves?  Think about putting vases, trinkets from travels or choose to emphasize books that have an interesting cover. You could even set up a scene within the shelves and tell a story.  Picture via Vogue
  4. Who needs pictures when you have fun frames?  I've seen empty frames done quite a few different ways but, I like the picture above because it incorporates color to make a statement.  This is also a great project for someone on a budget. All you have to do is hit up your local thrift store and paint the frames as you please.Picture via I Love All The Pretty Little Things
  5. Have an eccentric side to you?  Steam Punk maybe your ticket!  My new living area will definitely have a taste of industrial.  I like steam punk for two reasons. 1. It takes me to my imaginative, adventurous, and retro side. 2.  The men will be pleased.  Remember not all men love stripes and flower pillows... steam punk is an interesting way to decorate your home with out it looking like a female just lives there. Picture via The Steampunk Home
Remember your home is what you make out of it. :)


  1. lol awww I love furry pillows tho!!

    The bookcase does look great!

  2. I love furry pillows too but to me they are in the same category as the dress I wore to my 9th grade dance. I loved it then but now I see pictures and wonder what was I thinking?? lol