Monday, September 5, 2011

Accessory Must Haves

must haves

must haves by fleurluxe featuring filigree jewelry

I'm sure you've heard it a million times "Accessories make or break your out fit."  I totally agree with that statement but it doesn't mean that you need to own TONS of them.  At the end of the day you just need a few staple items that'll bump up any look.  So take note... if you don't own some of these items maybe you should put them on a wish list some where. ;)

  1. Formal Earrings.  You never know when you'll need nice formal earrings.  Whether you get invited to dinner at a fancy restaurant, wedding, or simply have a gala to go to always have a nice pair on standby that can go with mostly anything. 
  2. Black Clutch. A clutch should be versatile... something you can easily take with you day to night.  I find that leather clutches transition nicely. If you aren't a fan of purses with out handles then by all means go with a wristlet. Remember, sometimes you can't bring your fabulous hobo with you!  Not to mention, a black clutch is always chic.
  3. Pearls. I love them!! Ever in a twist with how to make something more classy or elegant? Just throw some pearls on.  Every girl should own these.  They look great with every color and nothing else says "classy" like a pearl necklace.  This is also great because it can take you day to night and season to season.
  4. Go-to watch.  Even if you are a fan of very delicate watches, it seems that time pieces really put structure to a look.  This is a great accessory because not only is it aesthetically appealing but its functional too.  
  5. Sunglasses. Yes, this is very broad but hear me out. Whether you are into rhinestones, aviators, wayfarers, round, shield or cat eye sunglasses they add personality to a look.  Figure out your sunglass taste and remember that sunglasses aren't just functional... they are stylish!!  Side note: I love that Anna Wintour wears sunglasses to fashion shows.
  6. Fun Scarves. I don't mean just winter scarves either!!  Scarves give a boho feel to plain tees in the summer and in the winter they make you look dapper. Collect a few and watch your wardrobe grow.  Scarves are a great tool to get rid of any boring factors.

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