Friday, September 30, 2011

Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos Look

To kick off the month of October I wanted to do a Halloween look. I will probably do 4 looks total so if you have any ideas please be sure to leave me a comment and hopefully I can do those looks for you!  This one was really fun. I have a video below that'll show you everything. 

What You Need:
  1. Face Paint. I used a face painting kit by Snazaroo that I ordered through
  2. Assortment of synthetic brushes/sponge for application. 
  3. Kohl pencil in black and white
  4. Eyeshadow- in all colors you will be using
How to (video will be below):
  1. Start off by painting entire face white. You can leave your eye area bare as well as your nose. Be sure to cover your mouth with white paint.
  2. Create circles around your eyes and fill in. If you don't have black face paint that is okay. You can use an eyeliner or gel liner to fill in. 
  3. Take an eyeliner and fill in your water line.  You can also try to get areas that are hard to reach with a brush.
  4. Next, make a triangular shape on your nose. Be sure to fill in between and around your nostrils.
  5. The mouth is my favorite part. I dont like the way mine came out but you can play around with it. Make a horizontal line across the inner portion of your lips(i used face paint but eye liner will work best. Be sure to make it thick enough to see when your mouth is closed. Bring the line out past your mouth.  You can put accents on the ends like an arrow, swirl or heart.  Next, make your vertical lines.
  6. Take a white eyeliner pencil and fill in white portions of mouth. This will ensure staying power and will really emphasize the mouth.
  7. Next, draw accents around your face. For my forehead I started out with a heart and had a spider web coming out of it.  I also added dots above my eyes and swirls underneath them.
  8. Color time!  Take a color of your choice and fill in where you like. I accented the outer portions of my eye with color and put a flower on my chin.
  9. Once you are done accenting everything go in with your eye shadow to pack in more texture and staying power.
  10. Last step is the most important... go back and fill in any spots that look bare.

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