Sunday, October 2, 2011

Artist of the Month: Best Coast

Source: Indie Rock Cafe
Ali Koehler, Bobb Bruno, Bethany Cosentino
(Source: Indie Rock Cafe)
Besides liking the group's out right love for cats... I'm just really digging their sound.  You guys know how much I love indie/retro music so when I heard Best Coast's music I instantly became a fan.  The band is composed of three members: Bethany Cosentino (Vocals), Bobb Bruno (Bass), and Ali Koehler (Drums).  What makes Best Coast unique is their use of low fidelity recording or lo-fi.  That pretty much means that they purposely distort the sound quality of their recording to render it a more raw or retro feel.  I'm also guessing that their name is all about the Pacific Coast (cause they are from CA, lol) and is a nod to their surfer sound.  They are picking up a lot of steam right now especially since they released their video for "Our Deal" which was directed by Drew Barrymore and features Miranda Crosgrove, Chloe Moretz, and Tyler Posey--- link to video will be below.

The songs that I demand you check out by them are: "Our Deal" "Boyfriend" "When I'm With You" " and  "Crazy For You".  You can check out more of their music and videos on their OFFICIAL SITE.

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