Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween look: 1920's Flapper or Native American?

When I originally did this look... I aimed for a 1920's, silent film star make up look.  When I showed my mother and my boyfriend they thought I was trying to be a Native American but that may be because of the feather I was wearing and the fact that I have tan skin... :)  Either way, I hope this look inspires you to do a fun look for Halloween. Minus the blush, I think this would also be a nice, dramatic look for a night out.

*Great accessories to pair with this look:  Awesome pearls, Garter, Long Cigarette, Fake Beauty Mark, and a short bob with bangs wig!

What You Need - What I Used:
  • Foundation - L'oreal True Match (If its slightly lighter that's better) 
  • Powder - L'oreal True Match (The more matte the look, the better)
  • Eye Brow Pencil or Wax - Benefit Eye brow Zing
  • Black Eyeliner - kohl pencil preferred (Avon)
  • Super Matte Pink Blush - Coastal Scents Palette (think stage make up)
  • Smokey Matte Natural Eye Shadows- Devil May Wear MAC pallete (plums and deep browns)
  • Deep Burgundy Lipstick- Rosary by Kat Von D 

How To: 
  1. Apply Foundation. Make sure that you get your skin tone as even as possible.  Matte foundations are the best.
  2. Darken Eye Brows... you don't want to make them appear fuller just more defined.  So just fill in sparse areas.
  3. Eyes!  Okay so you want to do an all over color first.  So, take your lightest shade and apply it all over the eye and bring it up as high as you can.  Next take your deepest color and apply it all over the outer v.  This is going to make it more dramatic.
  4. Use eyeliner to line your upper lid, water line and please feel free to tight line. ;)
  5. So, back in the 20's a defined, pointy cupid's bow and a dark lip was the trend.  It may be easier for some to use a stiff lip brush to make the shape... if you are okay with direct application just take your time and be precise.

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