Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Look: Andy Warhol Painting

This is by far the most original Halloween look that I have come across.  You can really do up the look by putting a frame around your face and possibly showing up with some one dressed up like Andy Warhol.  I got the idea from Monroe Misfit Makeup.  She is an AMAZING make up artist, one of the best in my opinion.  She did an Andy Warhol painting look as Marilyn Monroe.  She has toooons of other great looks on her website... really worth your while. Monroe Misfit Website <--- A Must See

What You Will Need:
  1. Pink Face Paint or Pink Powder (I'm using Snazaroo Face Painting Kit: Rainbow)
  2. Black Kohl Eyeliner (Avon)
  3. Vivid Blue Eye Shadow (Coastal Scents 88 Eye Shadow Palette)
  4. Bright Red Lipstick (NYX lipgloss in Plump Red & Cargo Lipstick in Maria)
You can always substitute colors to meet your preference, just have fun!  Remember the goal is to look like a piece of pop art out of Warhol's studio. :)

Original Photo
How to:
  1. Start with the base.  I recommend using a sponge for the most efficient application.  Cover all areas of  your face, ears and neck except for eye sockets and lips.  You are more than welcome to contour. I opted not to because I wanted to look cartoony.
  2. Put down an eye shadow base for long lasting effects. I started with a darker blue and put eye shadow all the way up to my brows.  I then went over it with a vibrant sky blue for some added dimension.  Be sure to get eye shadow on the sides of your nose and give it a round look.  Then, apply eye liner!!  Liz Taylor's eye liner was slightly winged so I mimicked that. For an extra intense look, apply black eye liner to your water line, under eye and across the lids.
  3. Eye Brows!!!  Okay, so I went super dramatic with this. Elizabeth Taylor is known for her gorgeous dark brows so I made mine super thick and dark.  Just be sure you plan out your shape well cause its really hard to go back and touch up the make up.
  4. Last step... the lips.  This is super easy. Just apply a bright red or pink lipstick and go over it with an equally bright color. :)

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