Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Look: Genie


This look was SUPER easy to do.  If you want to do something pretty that usually isn't over done... I would recommend this. I am actually thinking that I may end up doing this look for the Halloween party I'll be attending this year.

What you will need:
  • Mac Paint Pot - Bare Study
  • Geek Chic Cosmetic Eye Shadows- Little Albatross & Inevitable Betrayal or any shimmer dark blue and olive green shadow
  • The Body Shop Eye Shadow- 08 (Not sure if they still make this product) I would recommend any white eye shadow that has blue or green reflex in it.
  • Benefit High Beam Highlighter or Frosty Lip Gloss
  • Urban Decay Eye Liner- Ransom & Graffiti or any vibrant  purple and green eye liner
  • Extras: You can add false lashes and glue on diamonds to the ends of eye liner for more glam.
You can do any color combination of your choice. Its strictly up to you! :)  Just have fun with it.

  1. You can put on foundation/concealer to cover up any blemishes that you don't want any one to see.  Next, apply Bare Study to your entire face. This is a great base and will stay on a very long time.
  2. Apply the white with green reflex eye shadow on top of the Bare Study. This will add more sparkle and give your skin a fantastical look.
  3. Apply Little Albatross eye shadow on your brows. Extend your brows farther then you normally would.  You can also make them thicker for a more exotic flare.
  4. Eyes!  Take your green eye liner and apply it on your entire lid. Extend the liner down towards the bridge your nose and out past your usual wing.  Then take the purple eye liner and tracer around all of the green. Be sure to get your water line and line under your eyes!  You can also add your falsies and diamonds at this point.
  5. Contouring is always a pain but it gives your face more dimension which is especially great for costume make up. I like to do a "3" on each side of my face. Get the hollows your cheeks the sides of the fore head and your jawline.
  6. For the lips take a frost color and apply. This is going to act like a paste for the blue shadow we will dust on top. This will ensure staying power and will also make your lips look a little metallic.
Easy isn't it?  By the way the turban you see in the pictures is actually some pajamas... I just wrapped it around my head and added a pin.  If you'd like to make your own I would go to the fabric shop and pin away!  Also, you can get some fun feathers and place a pin on top.

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