Monday, October 31, 2011

Horrifying Make Up Mistakes

To end Halloween Day I present to you the most HORRIFYING make up mistakes!!!!  My lovely friend Laura agreed to be my model for this post.  She's super funny and a good sport.  Click here to follow her on twitter!!   Way back in September, I asked via Facebook what you guys thought were the worst make up no-no's... so we took all of those comments and put them to work in 2 spectacular looks.

A.  MAKE UP THAT IS TOO DARK!! People, if its not your color... DON'T WEAR IT.              B. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH of a good thing.  Raccoon eyes and way to much blush doesn't look good on any one!!!  Remember blush is supposed to make you look more vibrant and healthy not like you are a porcelain doll.                                           C.  Dramatically lined lips.   Yuck!!  If you are going to use lip liner choose a shade that is only slightly darker.  Trust me you don't want to look like  like a clown!! Please, do not try to mimic a "chola" unless you are really a "chola".
D.  Over Drawn Lips.  Yes, we all want nice plump lips but there is a right and wrong way to go about this.  If you over draw your lips you look         more ridiculous than sexy. 
E.  Hot mess Eye Liner. Whether you put way too much on or wing it out at the point where it looks like stage make up just quit it.!!  The purpose of eye liner is to make your lashes look fuller and to create a different shape to your eye.

     Lesson of the Day:  If your make up is questionable then its probably not good.

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