Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season

OMG... this year has literally flown by. Its already well in to November and next thing you know we'll be in 2012 wondering if it's truly our last year on Earth. lol  I don't know about the rest of you but, the holidays are stressful for me.   Two reasons: I work in retail & I have a big family.  I turn into a robot around this time and there is no coming back until about Jan. 15th.  Over the years, I have learned some survival skills to get me through so,  if you work in retail or just feel over loaded with holiday shopping... KEEP READING

Kim's Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide
  1. Have a lot of things to do?  MAKE A LIST.  Really, it helps get you sorted.  Also, think efficient. Do you need to go to Target to pick up wrapping paper?  Perhaps, you can get your groceries while you are there and save on time.  
  2. Take Inventory.  Whether you are at work or at home... what do you need for the holiday season?  Look around and make sure you don't over spend.  You could possibly have tape hiding in a closet or you may already have garland from last year. 
  3. RELAX. I know that sounds impossible but whether it be some quiet time in the car or an hour reading your favorite book... Give yourself a mental rest. If you give yourself the well deserved time to collect your self you'll be able to tackle the day!  Trust me bad decisions occur when you are tired emotionally and physically.
  4. Keep a positive attitude!  If you go shopping or to work with the mind set that every thing is all wrong then, it will be.  Go in with the attitude that you are going to achieve your goals and your results will be awesome.  Sure, most things don't go as planned but, have the confidence to over come any un-welcomed surprises.
  5. Eat well.  I know I sound like your mother but, you should eat at least 5 times a day.  You should eat breakfast + snack + lunch + snack + dinner.  Also, don't forget about your water!  Stay hydrated and well nourished so that you can have all the energy you need.
  6. Don't forget what the holiday season is about.  Remember, this is the time to be thankful for our blessings.  So think twice before you give a sales clerk an attitude over something mundane like their line moving too slow or not having the product you like in stock.  Retailers, think twice before treating people like they are just $$$, some people never make it out to your stores cause they live far away.  First impressions always last.
How do you prepare for the holiday season?

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