Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Clean Make Up Brushes

Yucky, Dirty Brushes

  1.  You will need dirty brushes, a small bowl of water, baby shampoo, a paper towel, and a hand towel.  I use baby shampoo because it is very gentle. You can also use olive oil or just regular shampoo. 
  2. Mix cleansing solution into the water.
  3. Dip brush tips into bowl and press against the sides.  You want to do this to get make up out of the  bristles.  Remember to avoid getting the ferrule... in the long run this can damage your brush.  
  4. Okay, so once you've gone through a lot of brushes your bowl may need to be dumped out.  Also remember to blot your brushes on a paper towel to ensure you have the most product out.
  5. After you are done getting product out... its time to rinse.  To save water; rinse many brushes at once.  
  6. Make sure you rinse the brushes well.  I separate the bristles on my bigger brushes while rinsing.
  7. Towel dry!  Make sure you take moisture off of the handle and ferrule.  
  8. Shape your brushes!  This will dictate how they will look when they are dried. So if you want to make sure your pencil brush has a nice point... now is the time to ensure it.
  9. Lay the brushes down to dry.  You want to avoid keeping them upright because the moisture will go straight to the ferrule which will only diminish the lifetime of your brush.  I let mine dry over night and by the next day they are ready for use!
Hope this tutorial helped!!! :)

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  1. I just cleaned my brushes today, but instead of using a bowl, I used my palms. This is the same technique that I used to use in my art class to clean paint brushes.