Friday, March 2, 2012

Best the Best You!

Sadly, I drive a very long way to and from work.  During my car time, I listen to talk radio, sing loudly (its terrible), or sometimes even drive in silence and think deeply.  Recently, I found myself in the car listening to talk radio and the topic was contraceptives, i switched stations and it was a Christian station asking for donations, and then i flipped again and I hear Nicki Minaj rapping.  I immediately turned the radio off and thought to myself... what am I here for?  It's a question we all ask ourselves.  At that moment,  it seemed so pivotal.  What am I passionate about?  Sure, I LOVE fashion, beauty, and food but I can't say that I'm passionate about it.  It started driving me mad... then it hit me.  I need to do something that is worth while.

I love my blog and all of my little hobbies but I feel that undertaking something that would make a difference would be wonderful.  I just feel the need to be a useful human being.  Over the years, I have gotten wrapped up in materials that I didn't stand back and see how it was effecting the rest of the world.   Think about it.  Are you good to yourself?  Do you give yourself challenges and want to achieve the next level?  Its never good to be completely lax on your self.

It has just been laid on my heart that I want to inspire people to live better!  I want to live better.  Perhaps instead of reading gossip news that may be I can educate myself on world matters that really effect us... maybe I can promote a healthy life style?  Who knows.  Just know that there are always things that you can do to help the others around you and to improve yourself!  

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