Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Color Block

Color blocking is HUGE right now!!  I  know the picture above is very reminiscent of those neon colors that  have been popping up every where but, I'm here to tell you that you CAN color block with out standing out like a traffic cone!  

If you are a little weary of fun colors perhaps start with a single piece.  I would recommend a fun clutch.  You can wear a basic green dress with blush shoes and a nice coral clutch to top it off.  If you are feeling a little fun... try COLORED jeans.  I love them!  You can wear those with a basic, black blazer and white top and voila!  I also love, love pastels!  Pastels are a great way to incorporate color with out looking like your clothes will glow under black light!

So there are two fundamental rules when color blocking:
  1. Love the color wheel and know those complimentary colors!
  2. HAVE FUN!!
Warning: Color block over load can = HOT MESS.
Color Block for all occassionsMy favorite combos are:
blue + pink
orange + pink
turquoise + orange
yellow + blue
purple + orange

Another way to color block is by using one single color in different shades/tones.  For instance, you can wear a lavender dress with a royal purple sweater and plum shoes!  Again, doing something very risky can end up in a disaster of an out fit so be graceful about your choices.

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