Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Treasures from Nicaragua

Sunset in Corinto, Nicaragua
Words can not express how much I truly enjoyed myself while I visited Nicaragua.  Seeing family, where my parents grew up and experiencing a different culture as an adult was lovely.  I am already thinking of the next visit!  Nicaragua is a beautiful country.  In New Orleans, you don't see mountains, lagoons, black sand beaches, and iguanas running about... so you can imagine how delightful it was to see such beauty.

I was lucky enough to enjoy this vacation with my boyfriend, parents, and aunt. :)  We started our trip visiting my only living grand parent in León and then later going to my father's home town of Corinto.  After a day and a half of enjoying the local food, mingling with family, and partaking in the seafood festival, we returned to León. We climbed up the youngest volcano in Central Ameria, Cerro Negro, and slid down (so much fun!!).  We also visited cathedrals, historical areas, and enjoyed the night life.  We then spent a day of relaxation at Montelimar Beach resort.  The property was very lush in vegetation and wildlife. This was also the place that my long time boyfriend proposed to me. <3 After, we visited Catarina, Masaya & Granada... Catarina has a lovely view of Apoyo Lagoon.  Masaya has an amazing open market with tons of artisan goods.  Granada is gorgeous.  Its a colonial town and makes you feel like you've gone back in time a little bit.

Here are pics of the highlights!
a. La Gigantona- This large woman is found all over Nicaragua. She is used in a folkloric dance that signifies the control of the Spanish. b. Colorful homes are found through out the villages.  It reminded me of home c.  My grandmother's yard. Its gorgeous...instead of grass she has yellow sorrel. d. Calvario Church in León e. Tostones with fried cheese & meat.  You can find this on almost any menu in Nicaragua. f. Catedral de Leon.  This church is gorgeous. Nicaragua's famous poet, Ruben Dario, is buried here.

g. The open markets are great. Bags are utilized a lot! h. Grains at the market.  I wish I could shop like that in the States. i.  More volcanoes. The big one is Momotombo and the smaller one is Momotombito. j. Nicaragua is one big, beautiful rock. We found many rock formations along the beaches. k. My engagement ring. I can't stop looking at it. l. Apoyo Lagoon. I snapped this picture from a view point in Catarina.

 m. On a boat tour through small islands near Granada. n. Colorful folkloric masks in the market. o. Mombacho Volcano.  It is quite the sight. p. A cluster of snails found on a rock near the beach called Las Penitas. q. Dolls for sale in the oldest house in Granada. r. Another view of Mombacho from a carriage ride through colonial Granada.

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