Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to: Headband/Turban

Turban Headband

Headbands/Turbans made from scarves are a huge trend right now.  It is the perfect way to make a plain outfit flirty or unique.  Not to mention, any one can pull this off!  There are plenty of different way to make a scarf into a lovely hair accessory but this turbanesque style is my favorite. I feel that it brings a more exotic look to an otherwise basic idea.

A. What you will need: Light, retangular, long scarf & one hair tie.  The hair tie is for those who have longer hair that may get in the way. 
B.  Flatten the top of your hair and tie all your  hair to the front. If not your hair may do something completely crazy! This insures that you won't get pieces caught in the scarf too. I'll share a tip below that may eliminate this step in the future.
C. Wrap the scarf across the top of your head and begin to interlock it vertically.
D. Once interlocked, pull them horizontally back to side they came from and tie in the back. You can manipulate the fabric to cover up the knot if you wish.  You can now let your hair down and look great.

**Tip: If you hair is still doing crazy things... its okay. Once you have your turban tied perfectly, slide it off and fix your fly aways and bumps.  Then slide it back on and voila!!  You can even save your turban for another day and avoid the hassle of putting it together again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Influenster's Latina Vox Box

I looooove these vox boxes! All products were sent courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes!  All you have to do is share your thoughts on the product after on their site!  Super easy! If you want to get involved visit Influenster and embrace the boxes!

Here's whats inside:

Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips- I'm a little nervous but I will definitely give them a shot. Here is praying that my bikini wax goes well!

I'm intrigued!  This is the type of product I am very particular about so stay tuned on how these play out.  These are fancy because they come with flexiwings hehe

My favorite scent from Bath & Body Works: Sweet Pea!!  I already know that this is getting a great review. Can't wait to use this lovely shower gel! 

NYC has great lipgloss!  This liquid lip shine is shown in Nude New York City.  If you want to see what this looks like on check out this blog post I did on it in January.  Its a really great gloss at an affordable price. Definitely worth your while!

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30- It actually smells good. 

Fall Fashion Forecast

I predict tons of fabulousness with a touch of romantic bohemia.  I'm thinking dusty pinks, exhuberant-baroque like jewelry, lace, man tailored silhouettes matched with billowy layers and high sheen fabrics.  What's great about these trends is that you probably own pieces already!

Fall Fashion Trends '12

Fall Fashion Trends '12 by fleurluxe featuring slim fit pants

A. Sequins. I don't recommend pulling out your sequins dresses just yet but, its never too early to add some glitz to your wardrobe.  Sequins is great in that it can make a simple t-shirt a statement piece. I recommend sticking with rose/dusty gold, bronze, olive, or pewter sequins to avoid looking like a casino loving grandma. 
B. Printed, Cropped Trousers. I'm soooo excited about new pants.  These are great for showcasing fabulous shoes and keeping an outfit fun.  If you are bottom heavy, look for a print that isn't too busy and that elongates you.  What I love about these is that you can take them day to night easily. For day: Pair with ballet flats, t-shirt, and scarf.  For night: Switch out the flats for some fun heels, a sheer blouse, and chunky necklace.
C. Layered Jewelry. Own tons of jewelry you never wear?  Where it all at once. This brings any accessory collection back to life. Right now, string bracelets are all the rage and they will continue to be.  If you want a more mature look, go for bracelets that have subtle color combos and dainty ornaments.  Also, mix and match them with chunkier pieces you already own... the juxtaposition will give you a fun edge.
D. Collar Necklaces.  Collars aren't only for pets. I love these necklaces... talk about fancy! Add some eccentricity to a sexy dress or even wear it under a collar of a button up!
E. Leather skirt. I don't own one but I feel the need to badly.  It can be a little intimidating... I've been there but its such a staple piece. Imagine it paired with your favorite leggings and sweater or even with a lace top!  This can be a very sophisticated piece that'll last years and years.
F. Loafer Heels.  I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of loafer heels but these new designs are gorgeous. They no longer look like wannabe sexy librarian shoes. They are fashion forward and romantic.  Pair those up with cuffed skinny jeans and blazer and you'll be good to go.