Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to: Headband/Turban

Turban Headband

Headbands/Turbans made from scarves are a huge trend right now.  It is the perfect way to make a plain outfit flirty or unique.  Not to mention, any one can pull this off!  There are plenty of different way to make a scarf into a lovely hair accessory but this turbanesque style is my favorite. I feel that it brings a more exotic look to an otherwise basic idea.

A. What you will need: Light, retangular, long scarf & one hair tie.  The hair tie is for those who have longer hair that may get in the way. 
B.  Flatten the top of your hair and tie all your  hair to the front. If not your hair may do something completely crazy! This insures that you won't get pieces caught in the scarf too. I'll share a tip below that may eliminate this step in the future.
C. Wrap the scarf across the top of your head and begin to interlock it vertically.
D. Once interlocked, pull them horizontally back to side they came from and tie in the back. You can manipulate the fabric to cover up the knot if you wish.  You can now let your hair down and look great.

**Tip: If you hair is still doing crazy things... its okay. Once you have your turban tied perfectly, slide it off and fix your fly aways and bumps.  Then slide it back on and voila!!  You can even save your turban for another day and avoid the hassle of putting it together again.

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