Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New York Fashion Week RTW 2013

Designers really brought it this time around. I can't truly say that I was disappointed in any one's collection.  Having said that... I may be a little biased because the hottest trends on the cat walk so happen to be my personal favorites of all time.

What was hot?
  • Stripes- vertical, diagonal, horizontal... stripes every where!
  • Leather!!!  I'm obsessed with leather and I'm glad to see that we will be seeing it for a while.
  • Busy floral prints
  • Peplum!  
  • 50s inspired cuts
  • Colors: burnt orange with a coral undertone, gold, tealish blues and greens & classic black/white
The following pictures were all taken from Style.com --this is the best site to check out the latest shows!!  

Source: Style.com

A) Alexander Wang. His pieces reminded me a lot of The Fifth Element. It was very clean, precise and had  tons of personality!! B) Alice + Olivia. Their collection was my favorite. It was very rockabilly and it was all so lovely.  I enjoyed their pops of color and flirtiness. C) Anna Sui.  This was sweet girls meets grunge!  There was tons of mixing of florals with harsh mesh.  D) Carolina Herrera. She is known as the queen of sophistication and she didn't let us down!  In this picture we see the ever so popular orange hue that was used by many designers.  E) Badgley Mischka. I may be biased when it comes to this design duo but I thought their pieces were gorgeous.  They were all very soft and elegant but with fun cuts.  I also noticed that they opted for a rosier gold and used some tweed.  F) Charlotte Ronson. Loved this one!!  There was a great amount of leather accents and an array of fabrics.  This collection was ultra feminine with the right touches of beach and retro.  

Source: Style.com

G) Cushnie et Ochs. To me this haus is known for daring cut outs but they topped themselves this year.  Their line was ULTRA sexy!!  Cushine et Ochs also opted to include a cobalt blue to their collection which I thought was quite refreshing. H) Rachel Roy. Her collection was a menagerie of prints and colors. She mixed alot of coral, pinks, and navy along with different prints. As usual, her line was very chic and feminine. I) Micheal Kors. To date, I think this may be one of my favorite MK collections.  There was a lovely amount of colors and stripes but what really stood out to me were the daring simplicity of his pieces.  J) Cynthia Rowley.  All I could think was California when I looked through her collection.  It was very floral, careless (in a good way) and beachy.  K) Marchesa. Aaaaah!!  As far as whose collection was different from the rest... they get my vote!  It was such a stunning, Indian inspired collection.  The dresses were gorgeous and romantic.  L) Marc Jacobs. Can he do wrong?  I don't think so.  Like always, his super edgy take on fashion was stronger than ever.  He used TONS of leather and stripes.  It was very reminiscent of the psychedelic 60's.

Source: Style.com
M) Rachel Zoe. Her signature boho look was all over the collection but, I was way more interested in her belts... she has reinvented the fanny pack and I'm not mad at her for it.  Her color palette was great!  She had a lot of black and white pieces but, she also showcased orange, leaf green, coral, and mustard yellow.  N) Victoria Beckham. Super clean and chic much like the designer... it was lovely seeing her do flirty silhouettes and turning them into something  elegant.  O) Narciso Rodriguez. His pieces are always so great and once again he made me wish I was rich.  His collection was tres clean yet sexy.  P) Thakoon. His interpretation of retro inspired clothing is phenomenal.  Every piece was excellent.  He used a lot of yellows, greens, floral prints, and very precise lines.  Q) Rodarte. I thought this collection was pretty genius. It was a mix of goth meets warrior.  I know that sounds something out of an awful sci-fi movie but the leggings in the picture above are killer!!  R) Derek Lam. Mr. Lam married macrame and leather in his line.  I loved the array of colorful leather and the intrinsic macrame was so eye catching.

Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

Sneaker Wedges- Olympiaa by Steve Madden
I wasn't really sold on the idea of sneaker wedges. I first spotted the style on celebs and in some fashion magazines and I just thought they were tacky.  Well, now, I love them. I think the biggest problem is that they are a bit intimidating!  I kept asking myself "Am I going to look dumb?"  "Am I too old for these?" "What looks good with that?" and I kept coming up short.  Finally, I forced myself to buy them and now I'm sooo happy I did.  Did I mention that they are SUPER comfortable???

Source  |  Source  |  Source
Celebs in Wedge Sneakers

Source | Isabel Marant Perkins Hidden
Wedge Sneaker- All the celebs are
wearing these!!

Wedge sneakers can be styled in sooo many different ways.  Here, I share 3 ideas to get you started. A special thanks to my beautiful niece, Victoria, who modeled for me.  You can follow her on twitter where she shares her hilarious and sarcastic thoughts.

Feeling funky and fresh?  Pair up these wedges with some black tights and and fun tank top!  If you want the look to be a little more "put together" try layering it with a denim jacket or vest.

You can also fancy up the look by replacing the tank top with a mesh top and leather jacket!

Another nice way to show off your cool kicks is by pairing them up with shorts!  To add some spice to another wise bland look, pair up your casual sweater with a brightly hued bottom!  Its a classic, casual look but your fun wedges and shorts will give you some edge!

Not really feeling the shorts and sweater look?  No fears!  If you want to ditch the sweater... think about replacing it with a graphic tee.  If you want to replace the shorts -skinny jeans will do the trick!

Source for Zara look

Being the girly girl that I am, I had to pair it up with a skirt!  For a day look: try a light cardigan over a fitted tank top and a floral print skirt.  The juxtaposition of the boyish sneakers and skirt balances out.

Okay, is it just me or the all black look to the left is amazing?  I think its chic and flirty!  Ideally, I would probably wear that outfit with studded heels but imagine it with an all black sneaker wedge!  It would truly be a fashionably, unique way to pull off a rather sophisticated outfit.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Joys of a Stormy Day

Hurricane Isaac has come and gone and now all I have are memories of my loved ones making the most of a not so lovely time.  We had no electricity and the heat was stagnant but somehow we managed to keep smiling and make the best out of it.  Here are a few things that will make any rainy day 5 million times better than you anticipated.

Having no electricity is a HUGE bummer but, it is the perfect time to put your candelabras and nice candle sticks to work.  It was rather entertaining seeing my brother casting funny hand shadows against the wall.  It was also nice to have candle lit dinners with the family.

I went through several old family photos and giggled at poor clothing choices and awkward photos.  Now that we are in the digital age, its  hard to find those golden pictures that no one wants to remember.  I almost want to get a film camera just so that I can permanently have some hilarious shots.

I'm currently reading the A Song of Ice and Fire book series (Game of Thrones) and I wasn't going to let a storm take that away from me.  I will say that this book light may have been the best $5.00 I have ever spent.  I read aloud a couple of chapters to my fiance and we enjoyed a great tale the old fashion way.

Soup!  This particular soup pictured is my godmother's black bean soup.  My mother felt that it was appropriate to prepare it while the rain fell hard.  Although, something this warm may not be the best thing to have while your power is out but, if its just a regular stormy day then what is better than great comfort food?