Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Joys of a Stormy Day

Hurricane Isaac has come and gone and now all I have are memories of my loved ones making the most of a not so lovely time.  We had no electricity and the heat was stagnant but somehow we managed to keep smiling and make the best out of it.  Here are a few things that will make any rainy day 5 million times better than you anticipated.

Having no electricity is a HUGE bummer but, it is the perfect time to put your candelabras and nice candle sticks to work.  It was rather entertaining seeing my brother casting funny hand shadows against the wall.  It was also nice to have candle lit dinners with the family.

I went through several old family photos and giggled at poor clothing choices and awkward photos.  Now that we are in the digital age, its  hard to find those golden pictures that no one wants to remember.  I almost want to get a film camera just so that I can permanently have some hilarious shots.

I'm currently reading the A Song of Ice and Fire book series (Game of Thrones) and I wasn't going to let a storm take that away from me.  I will say that this book light may have been the best $5.00 I have ever spent.  I read aloud a couple of chapters to my fiance and we enjoyed a great tale the old fashion way.

Soup!  This particular soup pictured is my godmother's black bean soup.  My mother felt that it was appropriate to prepare it while the rain fell hard.  Although, something this warm may not be the best thing to have while your power is out but, if its just a regular stormy day then what is better than great comfort food?

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