Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Men Think About Fashion & Beauty Trends

Meet these two lovely men:

Christian adores fashion.  In fact, he is currently studying fashion and is always on top of the trends.  You can usually find him dressed in a button up, perfectly fit denim, and boots.

Shane is your typical male.  Instead of being wrapped up in fashion, he can be found keeping up with sports.  A typical outfit for him is a t-shirt, khaki shorts, and nautical shoes. P.S. He's also my lovely fiance.

I asked these very two fashionably different males what they thought about our favorite trends and this is what they had to say...


Skinny Jeans?

I love the silhouette of a skinny or slim straight legged jean.It's a great bottom piece to elongate ones silhouette and make one appear leaner. I do believe it is a new staple everyone should have!!!

They definitely look better on taller and slimmer people but, as long as they don't serve as a second layer of skin on people or create a muffin top then its okay.

Red Lips?

CCLLLLAAASSSSSSIIIICCCCCCCCC!!!!! I believe it can be the biggest and most important pop of color in a look. It's sexy and sassy and a great way to get attention. 

Worst thing ever. Its not natural at all. Bright blonde hair and red lips is the worst combination ever.

Winged Eye Liner?

If you are edgy enough for it and have the guts to try it, DO IT!!! It's another classic make up style that was revived and I can never get enough of.

I like this look and I think it can really enhance your eyes.  It gives me a a Persian vibe but, I think if you are going to do it... do it when it suits the occasion. It shouldn't be an every day look.

Sneaker Wedges?

Ok.. Ok...I admit that I was not a fan. Now that my moment of shame is over, I FREAKING LIVE FOR THEM!!! They are an awesome way of bringing a little something extra to an outfit. I mean its not just a sneaker like your chucks, but its not as dressy as your black wedges.

They are alright. I like this look better than regular wedges. It helps you hide your shortness lol

Leather Skirt/Pants?

WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! All major designers have shown variations of this. Find your age and style appropriate variation and rock it out!!! a great look for fall and winter.  whether you wanna have a rocker look with leather skinnies or a little darker like a Rick Owens style it all pretty freaking fabulous.

I don't understand the fascination with leather clothing... I think it looks kinda cheesy. Its the perfect look if you want to fit in at the Blue Oyster Club from Police Academy. 

Bright Eye Shadow?

I have a love & hate relationship with this. Like most things in make up and fashion, a little goes a long way. I think it is fun and sometimes can make ones eyes pop and the center of attention. Now the downside, DON'T OVER DO IT!!!! It can go from cute and playful, to jeresylicious, to drag queen REAL quick. 

Its fine if the situation calls for it.  Too many people wear it every day and its not necessarily a good look for them.  If not done properly, you can look like a clown.

Smokey Eyes?

 It is a simple understated look that will always go with anything and everything. It is as timeless as a LBD or a good fitting pair of dark jeans. It is a look that is perfect for those who go from day to night looks.

I like it. It draws good attention to the eyes and makes them look more exotic.  However... you can resemble a raccoon if you aren't careful.

Hello Kitty Accessories?

Ok ladies we have problems with this...  How old are you?! Act it and more importantly dress like it!! That also means accessorize like it!! I understand it has a cute, flirty, fun, and GIRLY appeal to it. I get that it's glittery and sparkly and we want that from time to time. I get above all it is very nostalgic for those of us who grew up playing with hello kitty things. BUT what would you think of a grown man with superman undies, belts, and school bag if you saw him out? Cheesy? Childish? Weird? Creepy? Just a couple of thoughts that come to my mind. Now, there are some age appropriate items and alternatives and I guess I can deal with it. And if you absolutely must I guess the phone cases are acceptable. But above all hell-no kitty!!

If you are a 12-14 year old school girl...its acceptable.  Everyone else- grow up.


It is a fun and exciting trend. I think it can make things look edgy and show personality. I don't think it's a trend for everyone but it is for those that wanna try it.

It looks like battle attire.  Who are you going to war with? Fashion?

What are your favorite looks for gals?

So many different looks to pick from but I'll keep it simple. Classic and simple is always the best thing for me. Hair pulled back in some sort of up do. Simple make up with a strong red lip. A good fitting flattering little black dress. A pop of color with a skinny belt. A good pair of heels or wedges are a must. 

I like something basic.  Make up doesn't have to be crazy just something to accentuate your natural beauty.  Clothing doesn't have to be super dressy at all times and I can care less about shoes (as long as its not white shrimp boots)... also no front bangs.  If you are not a natural blonde, get over it and stay your natural hair color.

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