Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Whole Lot of Sunday Tea

As some of you know- I haven't been posting up as frequently as intended. My apologies. I'm here today tackling all of the questions that have been sitting in my inbox for nearly a month now!!  All 18 of them!! Here we go!

1. My mother in law insists that my children wear the outfits she purchased them for their Christmas pictures but they are not very nice.  How can I still make her happy but make sure my kids won't hate me later? -Liz

Liiiiz!  First thing is first. If you really don't want to make her upset just style up the outfits a bit. Add a cardigan, accessorize it, replace pieces of the outfits that can be replaced, etc.  Or- just get two sets of Christmas photos taken!  :)

2.  I am enjoying your Pinterest trials posts and I often think that you put an honorable spin to them. Is it possible for you to take requests from us? For instance, there are a few things I'd like to try on Pinterest but I'm a little intimidated. You make things seem more simple to do (or maybe you break it down better?) so it would be quite a help. -Anon

Thanks so much! You are too kind.  Ummm... I know where you are coming from and that is why my post are called Pinterest trials. lol They are a trial alright. I would love to take requests from anyone just email me the pin and I will see if it is something that strikes my fancy. :)

3. This is my first time visiting your site. I googled "different types of shoes" and you came up.   Out of all the types of shoes- which are the most comfy?  I'm starting to wear heels now and my feet were killing me after an hour. Please help! -Meghan

Wedges. If you are starting to wear heels- wedges are the way to go. They give your whole foot support and are still really cute.

4.  What are your thoughts on guys who wear cargo shorts? -Bethany

Hahahahaha. Oh cargo shorts.  Those were originally designed for military warfare during WWII. I personally think they make people look very bulky and bottom heavy.  It is especially unflattering on people with really skinny legs. Also, I don't understand why people need that many pockets.  I say only wear them when you are hiking!

5.  My girlfriend's birthday is coming up. She loves art and I happen to be a pretty talented painter. She has never seen my work.  Do you think I should paint her a portrait of her dogs or of her favorite coffee house? It is where we first met. FIY: we have only been dating two months.  I just want to take her breath away. -Daryl

Daryl, I hope I'm not too late in answering this.  I love the idea that you are painting her a picture!  I say do the dog portrait. If things get really serious between you two... do the coffee house for an anniversary. :)

6.  I saw your drugstore foundation challenge post and wondered why you have stopped doing them?  It is hard for me to find foundation that works and our skin types seem the same. -Ky

Ky- I'm actually testing out Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (c/o: Influenster) at the moment and will be putting up a post soon. I apologize for not trying out more but I will probably try BB cream soon.

7.  I know your blog is more of a lifestyle blog but I know you've answered personal questions in the past...  My boyfriend of 5 years cheated on me with my best friend. They told me about their secret relationship last week and I can't keep crying. They have been sleeping together for a year now.  There were instances where I would be so excited that they were getting along and hanging out while I was at work. Didn't think much of it. By the way, my ex-best friend is a guy. My question for you is, what do I do now? I feel like everyone is going to say "I'm that girl who had a gay boyfriend" -Anon

First- I'm happy that you are reaching out for help. You want a better future for yourself. Cry as long as you need to. This is not a light situation.  I know right now you are probably feeling like maybe there is something that you could have done differently but there isn't.  All I can say is- invest time in yourself. Let people around you support you and screw anyone that wants to point a finger at you and gossip about your situation.  You just need to move on.  It will take a while but you have got to do it. Put this situation behind you!

8. Random question but you like questions.  Who do you think is the better boy band One Direction or The Wanted? -Leslie

Ha! I don't listen to either group so I don't know. I guess...The Wanted. Their songs get stuck in my head more often lol  One Direction is super cute but their songs are a little annoying.  lol

9.  If you had to pick one look to wear for the rest of your life; what would it be? -Serah

I would wear all black. Jeans and a T-shirt with a blazer and cap toe flats.  with a cross body bag with brass accents- black wayfarers.

10.  I'm getting married in January and I'm having a fashion crisis. My mom wants me to wear her veil for my something old but her veil is extremely lacy. They got married in 1979.  My dress is very simple so I think I'll be able to pull it off. I just don't think I like the veil. Should I just do it? -Rae

It is hard for me to say because I don't know what your dress or the veil looks like. If you seriously don't like it than don't wear it. I'm sure she won't be that upset. See if there is anything else you can wear of hers.

11.  I'm not trying to start an argument with you but, do you think that as a fashion blogger that you are really promoting a good lifestyle?  I find that fashion bloggers just promote girls to spend more money on useless things and that they aren't really aimed for the average girl. -Anon

Wow.  I consider this blog to be a LIFESTYLE blog not a fashion blog.  I do think sometimes that people who buy a lot of high end items and say that this is a 'must have' don't promote a feasible lifestyle. I'm trying to promote things that I think the average girl can wear.  If there is a certain item on my blog that you feel isn't realistic to the average person please be more specific.  Also, at the end of the day it up to the consumer whether or not they want to buy something in their price range. In this day in age we have place like Target, Forever21, and H&M that provide great fashion at low costs- so they are more options. I don't tell people how to spend their money. I just tell people that I like something.

12. I'm 6'0" tall and my 21st birthday is December 5th. I want to wear a drop dead gorgeous dress and heels but I'm afraid that I'm going to look like a giant in heels. Any ideas on what I can do? -Tina

Wear heels anyway! It is your birthday. Look fabulous. The heels with out a platform are every where now so it will be easy to find a sexy shoe that isn't going to add 5 inches.  Also, please wear something short so you can show off some legs!! :)

13.  I'm in the market for a really good eye shadow primer. Any recommendations? -Cora

Yes, I really like Urban Decay primer potion. I have also found that shadow insurance by Too Faced is good.

14.  I don't know how to wear a scarf.  I see people wear them in all sorts of different ways but I never know what to do with them.  -Anon

Watch this video and you will be set. It's on of my favorites of all time.

15.  My coworker wears way too much perfume and make up! How do I tell her nicely that she needs to TONE it DOWN! - Gemma

If you want to do it nicely say " your perfume smells nice but its really strong" and she should get the hint. Makeup is a little different. Just start talking about cosmetics and get into make up application. When the time feels right- let her know that you think she would look better in a natural look.

16.  My husband and I are throwing an 80s party for our friend. What should I wear?? -Kimmy

Spandex, baggy sweat shirt, big hair, and funky colors!!

17. Hi there. Have you ever tried ELF cosmetics? It is really inexpensive but I've heard good and bad things about it.

ELF cosmetics is okay. I've never used their foundation or blush but I've used their lip gloss and eye shadows before and I will say that I wasn't disappointed nor thrilled. Its definitely great starting point for someone on a low budget or who is just starting out with make up.

18.  I'm trying to lose weight before I go to college. I know you tweeted about losing weight for your wedding a few months ago. Any tips? - Carmen

Hey! I'm the WORST person to ask. I was only able to lose 13 lbs for my wedding and its because I wasn't dedicated. I do plan on being more aggressive with my diet and exercise in the near future so maybe I'll blog about it. My husband is really into fitness and good nutrition. I will see if he would like to do a post for us all.  Also, I lost the 13 lbs by eating clean and stress-I think lol. I wish I would've worked out more.  Carmen, start with breaking bad eating habits first and you will see progress.  I promise to post what works for me once I get some results. I have since gained 8 lbs back after the wedding

Friday, November 1, 2013

Flashback Fridays: Boyz II Men


Um if you don't know who these guys are then you don't know what a harmony is!!  I remember as a child jamming out to Mo'town Philly and not really understanding "I'll make love to you" but knowing that i just wanted to jam out to them. Also, this is the first time I saw someone sport a blazer with jeans and I loved it. So I dedicate this flashback to one of the best boy bands of all time: BOYZ II MEN!!!! Please enjoy the videos below.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween !!

Hello Fleurettes,

It is scary how I haven't posted in over a week but I've had some extra time this week to brain storm so I will be pumping out a few posts back to back. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my past Halloween looks that I've done. This year I'll be going as Ms. Piggy and I'm sure I will post pictures of that soon.  Have fun tonight and don't do anything too creepy!

Also, these looks are not meant to be spectacular make up masterpieces. I actually ADORE make up but am pretty awful at it. :)  So don't be too harsh on my skills ;) lol 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holographic Love

Holographic Love

Holographic Love by fleurluxe featuring a zipper pouch

I will be completely honest. I am not sure if I love this trend or not. I will say that it definitely has been executed well for the most part but I am definitely not sure if I would dare wear it. I do actually want to try the nail polish by China Glaze because it looks amazing but otherwise that I can't say that I am sold.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pinterest Trials- Eggplant Fries

So I pinned this just a week ago and I though to myself that I am clearly going mad. Well, I had a left over eggplant from another dish and decided to give it a whirl.  Turns out its actually pretty yummy!!  I of course added my own flair to it by adding Tony Cacherie's seasoning to it.  Thanks to the lovely blogger of Freckled Italian I am able to enjoy this yummy treat!! Here is the link for the recipe. Enjoy!!

Cut eggplant into medallions- cut those into "fries"

Season them, bake them @ 400 degrees for 20 minutes. DONE!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Tea

I overheard my friend's mom call me "the mousey girl".  She didn't know I heard her. I told my dad and he said that he didn't like that and wanted to talk to my friend's mom. I'm afraid that this will break up our friendship.  What can i do? -Terra

I'm sure your dad is just looking out for you. Perhaps, tell your dad that you want to conserve your relationship so that when he speaks to your friend's mom that he conveys that. No one should refer to you as "the mousy girl"  A parent should lead by example and not be so judgmental.

My fiance and I are paying for our own wedding. We chose a smaller venue to prevent going over budget & have had to make serious cuts to our guest list.  His stepmother has a family (he's close w/ a few) who will take up 15% of our invites.  What is the most polite way to tell her that they all can't be invited? -CD

The guest list is probably the most uncomfortable part of it all.  Try this out on your fiance and see if he thinks its a proper way to approach the situation
"I wish we could really invite everyone in the family but it isn't in our budget.  X are the family members that we are closest with and want to send invites to."  If she laments and insists on those family members being there just let her know that other people have had to make sacrifices as well.  Who knows she may offer to shoulder some of the cost.

Warning: this is kind of weird.  My boyfriend is obsessed with yoga pants.  He bought me two pairs. Asks me why I don't wear them out. I consider myself a fashionista and I can NOT be seen in public with gym clothes on.  I also recently saw in his search history "girls in yoga pants" SMH  I think it's a sick obsession. Thinking of ending things with him- it's hard to find nice guys these days.  My question is do I break up with him in yoga pants or do I throw yoga pants at him and tell him it is over? -Jada

Is this question even real? I'm going to pretend.  So your boyfriend loves yoga pants on females. He isn't the only one. I am happy that you don't wear them publicly- though I am guilty as charged.  If you are going to end it just return his yoga pants to him politely and let him know that things are working out and that he needs to cool off the yoga pants thing. :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Flashback Friday: Perms!


Oh the perm. I remember when my sisters tried that trend. I think mostly because it was around my first visit to Disney.  I remember thinking it smelled funny and looked silly.  Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE big curly hair now but it has to be the right person. Anyway, during the late 80's and early 90's everyone was getting their hair crimped or permed.  It was awful.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Joie De Vivre

My first roast!

I'm no expert cook and trust me- I used a slow cooker!  It came out okay. The meat was really tender and the flavor was decent. I think next time I will marinate my meat a little longer and go with a different sauce.  It was fun to experiment on my husband's family. :)

First tall boots of the season!

In Louisiana it doesn't get so cold that you really NEED tall boots. It is definitely more for fashion. There are probably 3 days out of the year that require extremely heavy winter wear here.  Anyway, I fell in love with these boots and had to have them!!

My first wreath.

It's not very impressive. In fact, it is kinda ugly but I'm proud of it and it hangs on our front door.  Eventually I will master the craft of wreath making but for the record this is my first one. lol

Bling Bling.

I don't know what is going on with me but I seriously love gaudy, sparkly jewelry right now. In fact- I keep picturing myself with a flannel shirt, leather pants, combat boots, messy up do and blinged out chandelier earrings. Anyway, I got this necklace for $10 at Forever 21.  I've worn it twice and  I do love it.  I'm sure 10 years from now I'll see this picture and think "Why did I wear that?"

Packing Lunches.

Excuse the awful picture apparently oreos and grapes don't photograph well when ziplocked in bad  lighting. lol  As newlyweds we are adjusting to budgeting and all of that lovely stuff.  Well, I found that I spend approximately $190 on lunch food a month.  I've also haven't been able to lose weight and I think a lot of it has to do with me visiting good ole Chic-fil-a twice a week.  So I'm challenging myself to pack my lunch daily.  At the end of this month I will see if it is saving me any money. :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pinterest Trials: DIY Flower Crown

So, I've been obsessed with these for over a year and have been itching to make one. I'm going to be very honest though at 28 I'm a little too old to be wearing this.  Luckily enough for me, my niece is almost 17 years old and will be going to the New Orleans' Voodoo Fest at the end of this month and wanted to wear one!  But don't fret. You can use this flower crown for a Halloween costume!  It would be a great add on to a dia de los muertos or Frida Kahlo costume.

Below are tips and tricks to making this lovely head piece.  The pin that I got my inspiration from linked me to a lovely blog called A Lion's Nest. This link will direct you to the full instructions on DIY Flower Crown.  Her's came out beautifully.   

What I used:
10 large flowers
10 small flowers
Fabric Headband
Hot Glue Gun
Heavy Duty Scissors

  • You want to set up your arrangement. I interchanged between small and big flowers.  I put in the big flowers first and found that I didn't leave much space for the small so I ended up using them as fillers for unsightly sparse parts.
  • You want to make the back look as good as the front!  For the end I used small flowers. I arranged one facing forward, back, and to the side so that you couldn't see hot glue or stubs.
  • Try it on during the process so that you know where you want your flowers to stop or if you want to add more volume.
  • Remove all hot glue strings that are left over.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Not so Sunday Tea

Hey guys! I have been having a hectic little week so sorry that this post is a day late! :)

What age is it appropriate to wear a crop top? -Kita

I would say 17-24.  16 feels to young to be showing off your belly too much and 25 feels a little old.

I don't think vampy lips are for everyone! My sister seems to think that I should wear a deep lip for my homecoming dance. I'm wearing an emerald green dress and bronze shoes. What do you think? I don't feel comfortable with it but maybe I need to be a little more edgy? -Briten

First thing- I'm digging your name. Second- it's YOUR homecoming.  If you don't feel comfy with a very deep lip, try a nice medium berry color.  Trust me- I just saw a picture of myself from my 8th grade dance and it is all sorts of wrong.  Anyway, if you want to step out a little it is okay just make sure that you feel confident while doing it.

I'm buying gifts for all of the girls that have been in cheerleading with me since this is our last football season.  Should I get them jewelry or make up? -T.A.

That is so thoughtful of you! I would stick with jewelry. Make up for others is hard to do and jewelry is a keepsake. Your peers will hold on to it much longer.  Have you looked at those custom name rings that are super cute?  They sell them on etsy!

Soooo this is a little TMI but I need some honest advice.  My boyfriend wants me to do very intimate things with him. I'm 19 and we've been together 2 years. I just really want to save myself for marriage. I don't know. I really want to make him happy and I don't want to let him down.  I don't know what to do. A part of me wants to do it and the other part says wait. ????????????????????????????? -Anonymous from GA

Hello Georgia girl!  If there is one thing that I wish more people would do- it would be to WAIT.  I think that is great that you have been in a relationship and still haven't gone too far. Keep it up. It will be a hard thing to do and I know it is tempting but wait. Explain how you feel to him too. If he is a decent guy- he will understand.  I wish more 19 year olds could have your dilemma! Keep up the good work and WAIT.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Joie De Vivre

Oh my. This past week has really been something. There has been a lot of emotion but you sometimes have to go through rough patches to soar.

Knee High Socks

I looove these!  I'm getting to the age where I may be a little too old for this. I don't care though. I love high socks and wanna wear them all the time. 

We Need a Bookcase

As of now, we have our books hanging out on the fire place.  Also, if you can't tell- WE ARE NERDS.  We have been looking at different bookcases on  We've decided that instead of getting one from a furniture store that we are going to build one ourselves.  Should be fun!

This picture describes my life.

So basically I've been trying to read this book but don't feel like it when I get home from work.  When I get home I tend to go to the computer instead. I saw my shoes on top of my book and thought "typical."  Alas, the shoes are off the book and its on my dresser like it belongs. Btw, how did my book even get on the floor? I don't even know. 

Great New Cuff.

My co-worker was sweet enough to surprise me with this great bracelet. Gold is everything right now and I commented how I'd been searching for the perfect black and gold cuff! :) I love it so much.

Halloween is Coming!

I'm so ecstatic and don't even have plans for the Halloween night yet.  I'm ready to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and eat yummy candy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pinterest Trials: DIY Terrarium

My very first terrarium! I've been wanting to make one forever and it sat in my pinterest board.  I'm not 100% thrilled with how mine came out but I think if I master it before Christmas that I may be giving out cool ones as gifts :)  Click here to see which pin helped me with this lovely DIY project. <---I deviated a little but but this will also give you step by step instructions on how to build a terrarium.  

 What you need:
- Fish Bowl
- Activated Charcoal
- Sheet Moss
- Assorted succulents and cactus
- Potting soil
- Small Rocks
-Spoon (Not pictured)

  1. Put down your rocks for the base. I regret not adding more but as you will soon learn, depth is valuable when you are planting in a fish bowl so maybe it's not so bad.
  2. Add your activated charcoal. This is to serve as a filter for your water.  I think this is especially important for terrariums that are closed off. I love those but couldn't find a sufficient container.
  3. Add potting soil.  I used soil that was for cacti since I knew thats what I would be planting.
  4. Put in your plants.  This is the tricky part. You want your arrangement to look like it makes sense. I feel like mine just looked like I plopped down plants where ever.  Also depotting a cactus is not fun! *Tip: Wrap a paper towel around cactus while moving it.
  5. Once you are happy, put down your potting soil. I used a spoon to pat it down.  
  6. Apply your sheet moss.  Make sure you cover it all :)
  7. Done.  You can add little decor in there as well. Some people add rocks, animals, small homes, etc.

Just wanted to point out that the cacti I got from Home Depot look like they have fake flowers hot glued to the top of it????  Odd.  Didn't really notice it until I was depotting it.

Super Easy Basic Halloween Makeup

I look like a creep. That's okay though. It's for Halloween!! :)  It is the only time of year to be a total harlot or freakazoid and every one seems to be okay with it.  Anyway this look is extremely easy!  As you can tell there isn't much to it.  Awkward video below for instructions!

  • Light Foundation or Concealer
  • Dark Taupe/Grey/Brown Eyeshadow for contouring
  • Dark Purple/Black/Taupe Eyeshadow for eye sockets
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Very Dark Lipstick & Lip liner
* Step by step instructions below video


  1. After you have sufficiently moisturized your face. Apply foundation or concealer. If you have very light skin I recommend using white face paint. For darker skin tones, go 4-5 shades lighter than usual.
  2. Contour!  You want to make your cheeks look super hollow. So make a fishy face and apply some gray/taupe/dark brown eye shadow.  You also want to get the sides of your chin and nose.
  3. Tight line your eyes with black eyeliner. You also want to apply the same liner to your eye lids.  Once you have that smudge it up with some dark eye shadow. I mixed a purple and taupe.  
  4. Next are the lips. Go dark! You can go black or grey or just apply concealer if you want to look super lifeless.  I went vamp with dark burgundy lips.
  5. Dishevel your hair. Add accessories. If you are a vampire add blood to chin and creepy fangs.  For zombies I would wear ripped clothing and put "blood" and "cuts" all over. For a witch- just add a witch hat and dark clothing. DONE.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Tea

What a week!  Next week is going to be a little hectic but I will try my hardest to stick to the schedule.  Today I am skyping with my sister who lives in Virginia and sipping chamomile tea.  I will probably go out later to get some Halloween make up supplies and keep organizing my office. Oh Sundays.  Anyway, here are answers to YOUR questions.

Hello.  I've been anxious to ask this. Please don't judge.  I have a crush on my brother's girlfriend. I am a female and I'm not "out" yet but I feel like he treats her bad and I want to treat her like she deserves.  She has been coming to me to talk about their problems and we've gotten very close.  I don't want to scare her. - Dee Dee

Hi Dee Dee.  No judgment here.  The only iffy part of this situation is that your love interest is involved with your brother.  That's never an easy situation.  I think you need to be comfortable about your sexual preferences first. If you feel like you are going to scare her away then maybe she isn't as close as you think she is.  Part of having a great relationship with someone is being comfortable in your own skin and knowing that they will be accepting.  Get confident.  The other factor is her sexual preference. So think about that as well.  Although, you may be able to treat her better you may not necessarily be what she is looking for.  Be a friend to her and when you are confident enough to come out- you will be able to read her a little better.  If she's still involved with your brother keep your feelings to yourself and distance yourself if it is getting too rough on you.

What is your opinion on high waisted shorts? - V

High Waisted Shorts

What's not to like?  I do think that baggy high waisted shorts are unflattering- it gives you mom butt.  The only thing about high waisted shorts is that it makes your behind look not as perky so wear nice fitted ones.  Also, if the crotch is lower than the shorts portion- do a PASS.   

I'm having trouble with chipping nail polish. What can I do to keep my polish looking nice? -Berni

Three things help with long lasting nail polish- Buffing your nails prior, Base Coat, and Top Coat.  Also, regardless of brands there are always certain polishes that will chip faster than usual.  Metallics chip the quickest in my opinion.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Flashback Friday: Tamagotchis


Oh my, were these all the rage.  One of these landed me in detention while I was in sixth grade. I forgot to turn the sound off during one of my exams and my tamagotchi was hungry- straight to the principal's office I went.

I don't understand the fascination with these things looking back but, I do remember that people had like 5 of these strapped to their book bags.  So while all of you babies complain about being bored on your Iphones... think of an older generation that had nothing but a keychain for a pet.  If you miss playing with one... you can buy one here . Old commercial below for your entertainment.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Fall Shoe Obsessions

Fall Shoe Obsessions
Fall Shoe Obsessions by fleurluxe featuring suede peep toe booties

For me, fall is the best time for shoes! You can score some really versatile-all year round sorts of shoes during this period.  The trends I'm currently loving are peep toe booties, thick block heels, strappy closed toe pumps, and extremely eccentric pumps.  Those Alice + Olivia face pumps are a bit out there but I think they are amazing... would I ever wear them? Maybe.  Anyway, I hope this has inspired you to go out and get some glamorous heels for fall.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joie De Vivre

I haven't done one of these posts in quite a few weeks!  There is plenty of things that make me happy right now but here are just a few!

My current favorite lipsticks 

I love a great bold lip and I'm currently obsessing over these two MAC colors.  The nice wine color is called Dark Side! I've been wearing that one a little more. It's kinda goth hehe  The vibrant red is Russian Red.  It's a bit deeper than it looks photographed.  FYI my husband hates when I wear either one but I don't care. :)

Taking back the condo!

Prior to getting hitched, I did not live with Shane.  So, it has been a great experience to see how things are developing and I must say that he was winning the decor battle around here.  Well, I took a punch back by using some old candle holders I purchased from a thrift shop.  They also served as decor at our wedding so I thought it was a sweet addition to the mantle.


Many of you know, I'm a Saints girl!  Football season not only means that football is back on- It means that the whole town is wearing black and gold.  Everyone is super happy on Sundays and if you aren't a whodat then we don't know who you are!  It really does get magical around New Orleans when the Saints are playing.  Did I mention that we are 3-0? :)

Planning Ahead

I've attained a planner for 2014 already and I'm excited.  I've been with out a planner FOREVER.  So I'm just happy to organize myself so far in advance.  It's a small yet vital victory for me.  I'm just grateful to have so many things to look forward to.

Luna has jewelry

This dog is something else.  So I was organizing my beads and found an old and not so great project.  I threw it to the side and found Luna nudging it.  I put it on her to be funny and she loves wearing it.  When we take it off of her she isn't quite the same.  I guess once she out grows this one I will have to make her a new one.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pinterest Trials: Breakfast Tortilla Cups

This recipe was pinned from the blog: Bev Cooks That link will take you directly to the recipe for this yummy breakfast/brunch meal.  I took my spin on the recipe a bit but nonetheless I think the result is great.  I will definitely be doing this again!

What I used: 
Romaine lettuce
Flour Tortilla
Shredded American Cheese
Salt & Pepper

How to: Winged Eyeliner

I adore winged eyeliner!  I do this look practically every day.  I especially love it because it gives the illusion of fuller outer lashes!  It also serves as my ode to the 50's era that I love so much.  Did I mention that this look is super simple and quick?

What you will need:
* Q-tips for any mess ups

A. Put a base down on your eyelids. This will ensure that your liner last a long time.  B. Create your wing. This is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP.  You want to create a wedge shape that is complimentary to your eye shape.  Of course, I encourage that you play around in this step to master what is best for you.  Also, you may want to consider that almost everyone has two differently shaped eyes.  Trust me a lot of little pesky things become apparent during this step.
C. Once you are completely satisfied with your wedge- draw a line across your lash line to bring it all together! DONE.

Remember practice makes perfect!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Tea

This week we have zit woes, long distance love and big decisions!  Please comment on posts if you feel like you have something productive to add!!

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What is the proper way to pop pimples??? I have really bad acne scarring and don't want to keep adding scars. -Nina P.

This is such a great question.  What most of us want to do when we see a pimple is to just pop away and get it out of our lives- you just need to treat it and let it go away on its own.  If you MUST pop it; only pop whiteheads.  The proper way to do so is to either get an extraction from an esthetician or dermatologist or by gently pressing the sides of the pimple with CLEAN hands.  You also have to then treat it with benzyl peroxide or any other product that will disinfect pimples.

I'm in a long distance relationship and it is very hard to feel included in my boyfriend's life.  He says when I move back home that we will get married and I'm happy for it but I sometimes feel like I am talking to a stranger. I feel like I'm an outsider to his interesting life.  I love him and want to marry him but I just don't know if its better to break it off. I'll be out of the country for another year and a half. -Farrah

It sounds like you miss being physically part of his life. If you guys want to get married and he truly makes you happy and you know he's the one- why waste it? People die for great relationships. I'm sure it is hard to hear about his "interesting" life but think about your life.  Keep communicating with him and Skype often.  Tell him about your day and be grateful about your life. Long distance relationships can work!

I know you are a big animal lover and figured you would be the perfect person to ask if I should get a dog or a cat!?! I'm 19 and this is the first pet that I've ever had.  My parents are allergic to animals and I was never interested in keeping fish or reptiles.  I want a siamese cat or a beagle! What are your thoughts on this. -Tamara

Taking on a pet is a HUGE responsibility.  Cats and dogs are very different so I would go with whichever animal suits your life style the best.  If you have an apartment I would probably go with a cat because dogs require walks which can become hard to deal with during the winter.  If you don't mind taking a dog out then of course keep your beagle an option.  Another factor is time. Cats require your attention but aren't by your side 24/7.   Dogs are companion animals and if you are always zipping around they will feel lonely.  Also, all pets have different personalities so it is hard to generalize but if you want an animal that loves on you when you are around and adore you- DOG. :)  Some cats will do that too but generally cats like it when you seek them out.  I hope this helps! Also- get your animal from the pound! Save a homeless animal.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Flashback Friday: Blondie

I loooooove Blondie!  My oldest sister introduced me to them and I just thought they were amazing.  Debbie Harry is the epitome of badass and I gotta say that she is definitely one of my fashion muses.  Please enjoy the first white girl to rap and amazing music from one of the best bands of all time.