Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine Gifts under $100

If you want to give her a gift that she'll absolutely love but don't want to spend an arm and a leg... here are a few suggestions!

Valentine Gifts under $100

  1. Lovestruck by Vera Wang.  It smells amazing and is totally appropriate for Valentine's Day.  
  2. "Carri" by Jessica Simpson.  A classic peep toe will take you far. Not only is this style pretty much a gem in every girl's closet but its also super stylish!
  3. Heart of Gold Gift Box by Lush.  This amazing gift set includes 6 different treats for your skin... including massage bars!  Think of it as a potential gift to yourself.
  4. After Hours Satin Pajama by Victoria's Secret.  A great gift for the gal that likes to be comfortable yet chic!  Its also a lot more practical than getting cheesy lingerie.
  5. On the Mark Necklace by Stella & Dot.  Great gift option for the fashionable girl who isn't necessarily into Valentine's day but loves fashion!
  6. Addicted to Love Dress- Nasty Gal.  Besides this dress being absolutely fabulous... nothing says like get ready for a great night like this dress!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Joie De Vivre

French Quarter Balconies.

One of the many things that I love about New Orleans is the architecture. Balconies are pretty coveted here. If a restaurant or bar has a great balcony... you are in business!  The photographed balcony has a few modern touches but the cascading greenery made it a delightful site.

Sparkly Boots.

We all know how much I love footwear... well this one was no exception. I only find this trend refreshing on young girls.  Females over the age of 13 shouldn't be wearing sequins boots unless they work in  entertainment.  Although, a little sparkle doesn't hurt anybody.

Beignets and Cafe au Lait

This will never get old...ever. If you have the pleasure of being near a Cafe Du Monde, YOU MUST GO.  

A Charmed Gate.

These gates are located right outside of the entrance of the Court of Two Sisters.  The gates were forged in Spain and Queen Isabella had them blessed.  The Queen wanted the gates to pass on their charm to anyone who touched them. And yes, I did touch it. :)  

Yummy Family Traditions.

Anytime there is a celebration at the Espinoza home... berry chantilly cake from Whole Foods is a must.  This particular event was my sister's birthday. It's such a delicious and pretty cake.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan 2013 Favorite Fashion Trends

I'm loving so many things right now!  I love the direction fashion is going into... mixed patterns, chunky necklaces, and a military feel. :)

Sources Listed in description
1. Gold Dipped- Alexander McQueen Perspex Heel. I've been seeing GOLD everywhere and I couldn't be happier. Whether it be on a shoe, purse, or jewelry... gold is making a comeback!
2. Chunky Necklaces- Stella & Dot Estate Bib Necklace.  I'm a sucker for a statement necklace.  This is a fun way to make an otherwise plain outfit bold and fun! I've been seeing these everywhere paired with  sweat shirts and tailored button ups.
3. Military Mania- TopShop Camo Jacket. I want one sooo bad. I think these look adorable with little dresses and flats/combat boots.  Just picture a cream lace dress, super sparkly necklace, camo jacket and cognac flats!  You could also pair this up with a jean short and a tucked in distressed t-shirt.
4. Cosmic Love-Nasty Gal Supernova Leggings. I'm in the process of talking myself into it but I really do love this trend.  Its such a unique pattern that you could wear with anything!  
5. Aztec Cardigans- UO Staring at Stars Array Cardigan. No better way to stay warm than with an Aztec inspired sweater.  Rock this out with black leggings, plain t, and knee boots and you are all set.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Joie De Vivre

The beginning of Mardi Gras season. 

For those of you   who aren't familiar with this magnificent pastry... it's a King Cake.  The baby pictured in the center is put in through the bottom of the cake at a random spot.  Whoever gets the slice with the baby inside is in charge of  providing the next king cake! Besides that fun tid bit, they are rather delicious.  The best in New Orleans has to be Manny Randazzo's...though they are a hot commodity around here so it's hard to get your hands on one.

A new friend.

This adorable pup belongs to a friend of mine! I fell in love with this choco lab immediately.  We tried getting one of her siblings on Monday but someone beat us to it. 

Rediscovering Style.

I am quite eclectic when it comes to style. Some days I'm super girly and other days I'm more boyish, vampy, retro, indie... basically it depends on my mood.  I came across my Stella & Dot pearl necklace and felt so inspired.  I'm feeling like this spring willl be very clean for me. 

Not letting go of Christmas.

I totally forgot that I purchased this Christmas scented candle!  It makes your whole house smell of cinammon and pine. It may not be Christmas but it smells like it! 

Wedding Preparations.

We are getting married in a little less than 5 months!  I have been the worst bride to be ever!  I love decor and parties but I talked myself in circles with idea after idea.  I had a break through this past week and actually am confident. A taste of the decor will be mismatched teacups filled with cabbage roses!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to: Moon Nails

Moon nails are a trend from the 30's that has been revived!  Did I mention how super easy it is to achieve this look?  This a great way to make a statement without being too over the top as well as a sophisticated alternative to the classic, french manicure.

How To:

1. Gather your supplies--  You will need two complimentary colors. I used China Glaze's Unpredictable & NYC Skin Tight Denim.  You will also need a top coat and round stickers!
2.Apply your base color. This will be the color that your lunulas/moon will be.
3.  Once your base color is dry, put your guides to work.  You want to make sure that they line up perfect.  Also make sure that there are no opportunities for your second color to seep through.
4. Apply your second color and fix any mistakes that you make!  Add on your top coat and you are finished.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre is a new weekly tradition that I will be kicking off this year!  I want to share with you guys the joys of living (joie de vivre).   It will include things that I sometimes take for granted that make me happy as well as other fun things that I currently love. Perhaps it will inspire others to stop and smell the roses. 

My new cape.  I had been searching for one for so long and I finally found one and it was on sale too! I've been wearing it almost every day that I can.  It looks great paired with fun tights or skinny jeans and long gloves.

Whiskers on kittens.  Yes, it is very reminiscent of the song on "The Sound of Music" but I must agree. I love  how cute kitties are with their whiskers.

As some of you know, I will be getting married in June and it is time to get serious about weight loss!  My heart rate monitor has been one of the most encouraging tools!  It tells you exactly how many calories you have burned during your work out session!

I received this book as a gift from one of my co-workers and I absolutely love it. It brings an instant smile to my face when I read it. Its literally pages of poems written in cat's point of view.  Definitely a great book for the coffee table or restroom.

Whats so great about this lip treatment is that it was absolutely free. I received it as a free gift from Sephora and I didn't pay it much attention until I couldn't find my usual chapstick.  This stuff is wonderful!  It keeps my lips moisturized during the cold weather and its slightly tinted so it gives lips some color.