Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Joie De Vivre

The beginning of Mardi Gras season. 

For those of you   who aren't familiar with this magnificent pastry... it's a King Cake.  The baby pictured in the center is put in through the bottom of the cake at a random spot.  Whoever gets the slice with the baby inside is in charge of  providing the next king cake! Besides that fun tid bit, they are rather delicious.  The best in New Orleans has to be Manny Randazzo's...though they are a hot commodity around here so it's hard to get your hands on one.

A new friend.

This adorable pup belongs to a friend of mine! I fell in love with this choco lab immediately.  We tried getting one of her siblings on Monday but someone beat us to it. 

Rediscovering Style.

I am quite eclectic when it comes to style. Some days I'm super girly and other days I'm more boyish, vampy, retro, indie... basically it depends on my mood.  I came across my Stella & Dot pearl necklace and felt so inspired.  I'm feeling like this spring willl be very clean for me. 

Not letting go of Christmas.

I totally forgot that I purchased this Christmas scented candle!  It makes your whole house smell of cinammon and pine. It may not be Christmas but it smells like it! 

Wedding Preparations.

We are getting married in a little less than 5 months!  I have been the worst bride to be ever!  I love decor and parties but I talked myself in circles with idea after idea.  I had a break through this past week and actually am confident. A taste of the decor will be mismatched teacups filled with cabbage roses!

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