Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Joie De Vivre

This edition of Joie De Vivre is fashionably late!  I was with out my camera for almost a week so it was hard to chronicle my favorite things from last week but here is what I enjoyed. I was feeling very "catty" this week. :)

My leopard tights.

I looooove fun tights!  These in particular I've been hiding in my dresser for quite sometime. I've had them for years and I just never felt like wearing them. Well, I found some courage and rocked them.

The sky.

On January 21st, Jupiter was visible to the naked eye. If you look closely you can see it in the picture.  Its the blurry spot above the right side of the moon.  It shined so brightly.  That night there was also a moon ring but I couldn't photograph it for some reason. :( 

A new found favorite nail color.

This color is Penny Talk by Essie. I have an irrational love for Essie nail polish so anytime I visit a drug store or Target that is usually the first product I go looking for.  I think this color is amazing and will look fantastic on all skin tones!


I have been a chocolate fiend!!  Any form of it: milk shakes, bars, cakes...you name it  I do find that I have been especially love chocolates with almonds.  Lets be fair here: chocolates give you endorphins which make you feel happy and in love! Why not love it?

My tuxedo cat. 

This kitty is the love of my life.  Ive been having Binky for 11 years now and he's quite unique to other cats I've owned in the past. He's my alarm clock and snuggle buddy.  

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