Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to: Yummy Thin Mint Milkshake

That's right... THIN MINT MILKSHAKE!  Now, some of you that know me personally know that milk and I are frenemies but I just couldn't resist.  I know I'm not the first person to come up with this but I just had a craving for chocolate and this is what happened.  Besides being delicious, this recipe is great for those of you who decided to buy up a whole bunch of cookies to send your little babies to camp this summer!  Did I mention how easy it was??

1) What you will need: 1.5 cups of milk, 7 scoops of chocolate ice cream, at least 9 thin mints and whipped cream. For more of a minty taste, use mint ice cream. 2) Put your milk, ice cream and cookies in the blender. I prefer to break up the cookies to speed up the process- blend for approximately 2 minutes. 3) Pour yourself a glass of yummy thick milk shake and add whipped cream and a whole cookie on top for style points! Enjoy.

Recipe yields 2 servings.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to be a Positive Person

You aren't going to truly find your answer on the internet somewhere but I would like to share with you things that have helped me strive to have a positive outlook on life.  You have to first accept that LIFE IS NOT EASY.  Life was never meant to be easy.  If you feel like things need to go your way, things should automatically be easy, or that you simply shouldn't have to work hard for what you want then you are on the road to major setbacks.  You must truly know that everyday can and most likely will be a challenge and have to be ready to assess it with a sound mind.

Another thing that has helped me out is having a belief in something. I am not only speaking spiritually... I mean a belief that things will get better and that every situation has an ending.  If you don't believe there is an end to your misery or that you will never get out of a bad situation... most likely you won't.  

One thing people find the hardest to do is change.  If something isn't working in your life or you feel like someone brings a lot of negative energy- change it.  It is easier said than done but once again life isn't suppose to be a cake walk.  It's easier to stay positive when you know you are surrounding yourself with good things and know that there is always room for growth.

So here is to taking a step in a more positive direction.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Joie De Vivre

I haven't posted one of these in almost 3 weeks!  Bad Kim!  There have been plenty of things for me to be excited about within those days but here are some hilights.

Tiny Banana.

I'm not sure where my mother got her hands on such a itsy bitsy banana but I sure loved it. It actually tasted a little bitter but I just adored how petite it was.

Wedding Shoes.

I originally started off with a different pair that had a little more "bling" to it but decided that I needed something that was more fitting to me and that was a little more comfortable.  I can't believe that we are only 3 months away til the big day!

Classic Cheesecake.

One of my favorite places to go for a quick bite is Le Madeleine. I not only enjoy their food but their dessert is great!!  This cheesecake totally made my day.

Fun Moments in Baton Rouge.

Bowie is a very peculiar kitty. He seriously will let you do anything to him... no really. You want to dance, dress him up, play fetch, you name it- Bowie is down.  My dear friend Laura had him model this shirt that she gave to Luna and he looked marvelous in it. She then introduced me to Vine and we laughed & laughed.

Awesome Necklace.

I've actually have had this necklace for nearly two months now but, I lost it a week after I purchased it and now its back in my life.  Not only is this a lovely statement necklace... it was dirt cheap.  I got it for about $6 at Forever21. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Swim Suit Trends

My favorite time of the year is summer! I love the colors, the light fabrics and especially the lack of clothing required to leave my home. Hehehe. On a serious note, this year it seems as though swim suits are getting even sexier and a little hipsterish.

2013 Swim Suit Trends
1. Cut outs. We have been seeing strategically placed cut outs all over the runways so it is no surprise that swimwear is getting the same treatment. I think this is a great way to show some skin with out showing all of your goods. 2. Suspenders. This is beyond adorable.  I think this would work great on wider builds because it will add length and make you appear smaller! 3. Scallops/Frills. This is an ultra femme look that gives you the sweet girl look.  I recommend frills on more petite figures because it will add some volume. 4. Plunging Necklines. This is for my super thin, less bustier babes who want to show some major skin.  This is a great step for those who want to avoid two pieces but don't wanna look too conservative. 5. High Waisted Bottoms. This is for all of you retro lovers out there!  This type of suit would look best with a big floppy hat and cat eye sunglasses. 6. Crochet.  It is so delicately bohemian and truly summer. This is one of my favorite trends at the moment and I think crochet is an amazing way to soak up the sun!

Source: Etsy.com via Pinterest

Another trend I forsee being huge this year, thanks to Rihanna, is the body chain. I feel like they give your bikini and extra something that screams sex appeal.  Of course, be weary of what kind of swim suit you pair it with. I definitely feel that if you are going to rock a body chain that you should pair it with a very simple swim suit silhouette and make sure that your chain is just an added feature and not a true focal point.