Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Long Lasting Red Lipstick

Me thinking about how to make red lips last

I looooove red lipstick! I try to wear it as often as possible.  Red lips aren't only a classic beauty look... they are a fashion statement. So for those reasons alone- I totally love it. However, the down side is that when you start eating or just go on about your day... your red lips start to disappear and you look like a complete wreck. I recently was at work and didn't bother to look in the mirror after lunch and noticed that all that was left of my red pout was an outer lining and it was NOT cute.

Tips to help keep your red lips lasting longer:
1. Exfoliate. If you have smooth lips there is less of a chance that your lips stick will act crazy.  I currently using Mary Kay's lip mask but I do adore Laura Gellar's Lip Strip.
2. Use a lip primer or concealer OR BOTH. This is the method that most make up artist use.  Prime your lips with your favorite product (check out: Too Faced Lip Insurance or Benefit Lip Plump) Once you are done applying your color of choice, rim the outside of your lips with concealer to prevent feathering.
3. Lip Liner is a must. I hate lip pencils and I'm not really sure why. They seriously help you keep your color on just apply to entire lip instead of outer edge.

Getting the Right Red
Everyone can wear red lipstick.  You just need to find what suits your skin tone better. If you have a cool skin tone then you will probably want to stick with the blue/fuchsia reds.  If you have a warm undertone then the orangy reds are the ones for you. I definitely recommend going to your favorite make up store and experimenting. Dragon by Chanel used to be one of my favorites until I discovered Russian Red from MAC. The picture to the left is a great depiction of orange vs blue red.

How to Apply:
1. Start with fresh exfoliated, smooth lips. Apply either concealer or primer to the entire lip. Let it set.
2. Next, apply lip liner to your entire lip. Be very careful. You do not want to make a mistake here.  In case you do make a bobo, simply wipe off with q-tip and restart your steps.
3. Apply your favorite lip stick. Some people prefer to use a lip brush for this but go with whatever makes you comfy.
4. Last, apply concealer to the outer edge of your lips. I recommend a concealer brush for this.  
5. Don't forget to pack your lip stick with you for quick application after eating or smooches!

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