Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Fashion No-No's

The title of this post is a bit self explanatory.  

Fashion No Nos

Fashion No Nos by fleurluxe featuring lightweight shoes

  1. Chacos - Unless you go white water rafting or are constantly on outdoor adventures... this should NOT be worn.  Granted, I think certain people can pull off this oatmealy look but most of us should stay far, far away. 
  2. Chiffon Trousers- I have seen this pulled off very well but more often than not people look wide and messy with this look. I apologize, chiffon is see through and it doesn't hide much ;)  It also isn't very flattering for the backside.
  3. Side Braids- This faux "shaved" look is so 1998!!  It needs to stop! Its very reminiscent of J-lo in her break out days.  Braids can be a great look for the summer but there are plenty of different ways to pull this off.
  4. Tall Gladiator Sandals- Hey Julius Ceasar, I think you left your shoes at leading retailers.  I do love this look for the runway but not for street style.  I can't get behind it at all. It looks ridiculous.
  5. American Flag Tights- Why, why, why? I know the patriotic look is in right now but I think these tights need to be saved for costume wear only. 
  6. Rhinestone Nails- There isn't anything wrong with a little bling but this just screams TACKY.  

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