Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Joie De Vivre: Random Purchases Edition

Reinvented Bird Cage.

I originally purchased this bird cage two years ago.  It was on sale at Target for $4.99 and it was a vivid lavender color.  I spruced it up with some spray paint and now plan on using it for decor purposes. I haven't decided if I just want to fill it with tea light candles or just leave as is.

Cat Eye Sunglasses.

These are my go to sun glasses!! I love them so much and they instantly makes me feel like I'm having a swell day.  I found these lovely shades at Charming Charlies for $6.00!!  I was in Hammond, LA feeling very discouraged and for some reason the site of these ombred kitty glasses made me feel so much better.

Bad Purchase in Mexico.

The man who was selling these little purses in Mexico seemed like he was more annoyed that we weren't convinced at first.  After some back and forth negotiation, we go for it.  Unfortunately, I had the one name that he didn't know how to spell so he wrote my name out in print... very badly.  Long story short-I never wear this bag. Not only because of the name but simply because I don't like it and it's extremely small.  Now it serves as a reminder to be more mindful of what I'm purchasing and a great momento of our girl's trip to Mexico.

That'll do, Pig.

Growing up I acquired a nickname that most females would be horrified to have. Pig.  It varied from Piglet, Ms. Piggy, Piggly Wiggly or simply Pig... but Pig it is.  I was given the name because I am always concerned with food and have quite the appetite.  I saw this shirt at a local t-shirt boutique and had to buy it.  I get a kick from it and its useful on lazy days. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Edition of Sunday Tea

I originally wasn't going to post one up last week due to the lack of questions but found that I did indeed have three questions from previous weeks that I could use so with out further ado-here we go!

How young is too young to wear make up?  I'm a mother of three girls aged 15, 14, and 12.  All of the mom's at their school seem to not care but I can't help but think they are way too young.
- D'andra

I applaud this question and apologize for not getting to it sooner.  Your 12 year old is way too young for make up.  In fact, 16 to me seems like an appropriate age to start using actual make up.  For your 14 and 15 year old I think  a neutral pink lip gloss and some pressed powder won't hurt.  If they have skin problems I would understand why they would want to wear make up.  Leave the eyeliner and blush for when they are a bit older.

How do I start my own blog? -Candice

Well, its rather easy. Any one can start a blog.  You can go through Blogger, which is who I use, or Wordpress. I've known great things from both.  Figure out what you want to write about and be consistent. I've lost tons of readers from not being consistent with my writing.  You also want to be original as possible... :)  The most important thing is to have fun with it. 

Hi, we are 15 and 16 years old and we wanna know things to look for in potential boyfriends?  We have had no luck with the last guys! Help!! -Rebecca & Tori

I originally wasn't going to answer this question because honestly people need different things.  As I thought about it though... I feel that this can be an important lesson for a lot of people.  Look at a guy's manners.  If he doesn't open the door for people, say thank you, or look you in the eye when he speaks... probably not going to be a good guy.  If you see him interact with his mother... see how he treats her.  If you are not okay with the interaction... red flag.  If all he talks to you about is getting physical with you- not good.  If he throws tantrums over trivial things- not good.  Anyway, relationships can be very daunting and tough... at your age you aren't going to find the perfect guy because, like you, those guys need to grow up too. Did I mention you have to be a catch too?  You aren't going to attract decent boys if you are not behaving in a lady like manner! You get good guys by having good values and being true to those values.

2013 Fall Looks

Fleur Luxe Fall Look Book

Fleur Luxe Fall Look Book by fleurluxe featuring mossimo

This fall is feeling a bit more casual and comfortable which I have no problem abiding by that.  I've been noticing that very intricate tribal patterns are poking their way in as well- super excited about that!  Here is a break down of all the looks and must haves for this fall:

  • Continue on with the love of black and gold this year!  Hard gold accessories and clothing will be going strong this fall.
  • Busy, tribal prints. I loooove this! Its a very stunning look that can easily be taken down a bit.   If you feel that the dress pictured is too busy... throw on blazer or leather jacket and you instantly don't look so "busy".
  • A shoe trend that has made its way back into our lives is the deep v bootie.  They are very sexy but will still keep most of your feet warmed up on chilly days.  The particular pair pictured is great for a night out!
  •  This look is extremely casual for work but its all about accessorizing with the right pieces.  I love this button-up dress because it lends a nice shape with out being overly structured.
  • Snake skin shoes are a must for the fall because it will literally pair perfectly with EVERYTHING.
  • To be a bit more dressed up go for a belted cape. It'll make your waist line look tiny and you will be ever so glamorous.
  • I love everything about this look. Lets start with accessories. You want to keep it intricate but not flashy.  Go for brass and and antique finish pieces that make a statement on pure design alone.  For handbags, go with a tribal tote.  You can add dimension to an otherwise plain outfit this way but not look like you are trying too hard. :)
  • Vest it!  Whether you are doing a denim, leather, or furry vest... go for it.  It is going to be your go to layering piece and will accent everything well.  Pair a vest up with your favorite denim, trousers, and dresses and see your closet expand instantly.
  • Now, I know we all love a good pair of blue jeans but this fall- grab some joggers. These pants are super comfortable but can be a little tricky to pull off. I had a gray pair last year that kind of looked more like pajama pants.  Make sure that have a nice cuff and fitted hip to avoid such a disaster. You can wear joggers with everything!  If you want to dress them up just add a pump and blazer and you are set.
  • This year is no exception to lace up booties.  They are back with an array of different heel choices.  I say get yourself a pair with a not so trendy heel... it'll make for a good investment for the falls to come.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Tea

Just three questions this week! Enjoy!

Me and my room mate are having our 7 closest friends over for a dinner party and we want to know if you have any advice to make our party extra special?!?!  We are cooking comfort foods like baked chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni, and corn on the cob. We still want it to be "fancy" even though the food is very casual. Please help. Our party is August 3rd! - Lucy & Brooke

I looooooooove comfort food!!  I had to think of this for a second because I am not a good host but I am working on this myself.  Considering you are cooking this meal yourselves work on presentation.  Serve the mash potatoes in martini glasses!  Or even use a fun shaped cooking cutter to cut out pieces of your baked macaroni! :)  Use place card holders if you have enough seating for all of your guest as well.  You can also dress the table up with a nice centerpiece and it doesn't have to be anything expensive- think mason jars. Here's a link with a few ideas.  

Just got out of a 3 year relationship.  Can't help but feel down about myself becuz he left me for another girl.  I feel so lost he was my bf. Now I have no one to talk to. -Anonymous

I'm so sorry that you find yourself in this situation.  A lot of times we don't actually realize how much a relationship takes up our emotions until it's over.  I definitely recommend reaching out to old friends, family or even coworkers for support. It isn't going to be easy but you will get through this.  Also, start investing time in yourself.  Do things that make you happy! 

How do I tell my mom to stop buying me clothes with out me? I am 15 years old.  She has the woooorst taste.  She gets mad when I don't wear it or ask her to exchange it. -Mel

First, you are so lucky that your mom wants to do this for you so don't be a brat! :) Your mom is trying to be helpful. Trust me I am sure she is doing it from the bottom of her heart so she may get upset when you don't want to wear it because you are "rejecting" her.  It's all about how you SAY or DO something to get the reaction you want.  Next time she comes home with something that isn't your style- say something to the effect of "Mom, thank you soooo much for picking this up for me but lets go back to the store soon so we can exchange these out for a pair of (x) I really really want"  If you guys start shopping together more she will learn your style and it will get easier.  If you have a pinterest, create a fashion board and show your mom.  She will get a feel for things that you like and it can be a bonding experience.  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Tea

This edition of Sunday Tea is an interesting mix!! I got quite a few anonymous ones that are a bit intriguing :)

"Hi Kim! My husband always says that I take far too long to get ready when we go out. I just need a good hour to do my hair and make up! How long does is usually take you to get together? Sincerely, A Make Up Obsessed Wife"

Hahahaaha. Love this question.  It seriously takes me 45 minutes to get ready in the morning. This includes hair, make up, and clothing options.  I allot 15 minutes to each... if my clothing choice goes smoothly I give the extra time to hair.  Granted I do very simple make up looks on a regular basis and I usually wear my hair in a loose side pony tail.  If I'm really dolling myself up I need a good hour too.  Tell your husband to be patient ;-)

"I know this sounds odd but how do I get a boyfriend?!?!? I'm 16, not the prettiest but not the ugliest... I don't get it. -Anonymous"

First thing... its okay to be single. I get it at your age everyone either has a boyfriend or is dreaming of one. Remember, getting a boyfriend is not an easy task so don't beat yourself up. The best advice I have is to be comfortable with yourself before getting into a relationship. You don't want a relationship to make you... you should be bringing something into it. Also, never appear desperate- be yourself and be confident.  16 is a good age to start learning things about yourself. Also, set high standards for yourself.

"I ask this question on behalf of all men. Why do girls go to the bathroom together??? They can not all be on the same pee schedule. My girlfriend loves your blog and I'm calling you out Natalie T. -Mark H, Hoover, AL"

Well, Mark... there are plenty of reasons why us females go to the bathroom together.  Usually, more than one of us has to really use the bathroom so we figure why not. Another reason is to go gossip and the only other thing I can think of is just safety.

"My friend is beyond disgusting me. She cheats on EVERY SINGLE GUY. She has cheated on quite a few nice ones that really didn't deserve it. She doesn't seem to care at all and it makes me sick. I don't want people to think I'm just like her. What do I do? -Anon"

I'm sorry that your dear friend is a cheater. If you feel so strongly against her choice... TELL HER. Maybe there is an underlying reason why she cheats.  If you are worried about your reputation let your friend know that you don't want to be known for that. If she still doesn't see it your way let her know that you can not support her and that your friendship is being torn apart by her choices.

"You usually post about gifts around major holidays but I can't afford some of those things and I'm kinda crafty so I figure making a gift for my mom's birthday is the way to go. Any ideas? -Ruhma"

That is so kind of you to want to hand make a gift... those tend to be the best gifts ever because you can customize them to your recipients liking. I seriously would go look over Pinterest for some more amazing ideas. Put a basket together of a few things she adores... for instance if she likes tea- put some tea in her basket along with jewelry, chocolates, a framed sentimental picture, and a mixed CD of her favorite music.  You can get most of those items from a dollar store... frame, baseket, ribbon, chocolate.  You can make the jewelry as well. Also... you could just get a plain old frame and buy some loose beads and paint from the craft store and decorate it and put in a sentimental picture.  Hope this helps!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Joie De Vivre

{baby kitty}

My brother had the privilege of babysitting a friend's kitten and I of course volunteered to help. Kittens remind me to be playful and mischievous.  I guess that is why I feel so happy around them. This cute little fellas name is Isaac. He tries to attack my hands but it doesn't even hurt.

{dried bouquets}

My mother kept all of the bouquets from the wedding and let them dry in the bowl. I find them strangely pretty.  Did I mention they still smell lovely? :)

{dragon fruit painting}

This painting reminds me of our lovely trip to Nicaragua last year. My mother has several pieces from this particular artist. The colors in all of her work are very bold and vivid. 

{new bed companion}

My little puppy is now almost 35 lbs and she still pretends that she is small enough to lay across my lap. I guess some things will never change but I'm very happy that she will always be my "puppy".

{mint + leopard}

I know I'm not the first person to mix these together but I was so happy to do this.  I came across this combination when I was struggling to find something exciting to wear to work. I definitely will be repeating this look again.