Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 Fall Looks

Fleur Luxe Fall Look Book

Fleur Luxe Fall Look Book by fleurluxe featuring mossimo

This fall is feeling a bit more casual and comfortable which I have no problem abiding by that.  I've been noticing that very intricate tribal patterns are poking their way in as well- super excited about that!  Here is a break down of all the looks and must haves for this fall:

  • Continue on with the love of black and gold this year!  Hard gold accessories and clothing will be going strong this fall.
  • Busy, tribal prints. I loooove this! Its a very stunning look that can easily be taken down a bit.   If you feel that the dress pictured is too busy... throw on blazer or leather jacket and you instantly don't look so "busy".
  • A shoe trend that has made its way back into our lives is the deep v bootie.  They are very sexy but will still keep most of your feet warmed up on chilly days.  The particular pair pictured is great for a night out!
  •  This look is extremely casual for work but its all about accessorizing with the right pieces.  I love this button-up dress because it lends a nice shape with out being overly structured.
  • Snake skin shoes are a must for the fall because it will literally pair perfectly with EVERYTHING.
  • To be a bit more dressed up go for a belted cape. It'll make your waist line look tiny and you will be ever so glamorous.
  • I love everything about this look. Lets start with accessories. You want to keep it intricate but not flashy.  Go for brass and and antique finish pieces that make a statement on pure design alone.  For handbags, go with a tribal tote.  You can add dimension to an otherwise plain outfit this way but not look like you are trying too hard. :)
  • Vest it!  Whether you are doing a denim, leather, or furry vest... go for it.  It is going to be your go to layering piece and will accent everything well.  Pair a vest up with your favorite denim, trousers, and dresses and see your closet expand instantly.
  • Now, I know we all love a good pair of blue jeans but this fall- grab some joggers. These pants are super comfortable but can be a little tricky to pull off. I had a gray pair last year that kind of looked more like pajama pants.  Make sure that have a nice cuff and fitted hip to avoid such a disaster. You can wear joggers with everything!  If you want to dress them up just add a pump and blazer and you are set.
  • This year is no exception to lace up booties.  They are back with an array of different heel choices.  I say get yourself a pair with a not so trendy heel... it'll make for a good investment for the falls to come.

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