Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Joie De Vivre: Random Purchases Edition

Reinvented Bird Cage.

I originally purchased this bird cage two years ago.  It was on sale at Target for $4.99 and it was a vivid lavender color.  I spruced it up with some spray paint and now plan on using it for decor purposes. I haven't decided if I just want to fill it with tea light candles or just leave as is.

Cat Eye Sunglasses.

These are my go to sun glasses!! I love them so much and they instantly makes me feel like I'm having a swell day.  I found these lovely shades at Charming Charlies for $6.00!!  I was in Hammond, LA feeling very discouraged and for some reason the site of these ombred kitty glasses made me feel so much better.

Bad Purchase in Mexico.

The man who was selling these little purses in Mexico seemed like he was more annoyed that we weren't convinced at first.  After some back and forth negotiation, we go for it.  Unfortunately, I had the one name that he didn't know how to spell so he wrote my name out in print... very badly.  Long story short-I never wear this bag. Not only because of the name but simply because I don't like it and it's extremely small.  Now it serves as a reminder to be more mindful of what I'm purchasing and a great momento of our girl's trip to Mexico.

That'll do, Pig.

Growing up I acquired a nickname that most females would be horrified to have. Pig.  It varied from Piglet, Ms. Piggy, Piggly Wiggly or simply Pig... but Pig it is.  I was given the name because I am always concerned with food and have quite the appetite.  I saw this shirt at a local t-shirt boutique and had to buy it.  I get a kick from it and its useful on lazy days.