Monday, July 1, 2013

Joie De Vivre

{baby kitty}

My brother had the privilege of babysitting a friend's kitten and I of course volunteered to help. Kittens remind me to be playful and mischievous.  I guess that is why I feel so happy around them. This cute little fellas name is Isaac. He tries to attack my hands but it doesn't even hurt.

{dried bouquets}

My mother kept all of the bouquets from the wedding and let them dry in the bowl. I find them strangely pretty.  Did I mention they still smell lovely? :)

{dragon fruit painting}

This painting reminds me of our lovely trip to Nicaragua last year. My mother has several pieces from this particular artist. The colors in all of her work are very bold and vivid. 

{new bed companion}

My little puppy is now almost 35 lbs and she still pretends that she is small enough to lay across my lap. I guess some things will never change but I'm very happy that she will always be my "puppy".

{mint + leopard}

I know I'm not the first person to mix these together but I was so happy to do this.  I came across this combination when I was struggling to find something exciting to wear to work. I definitely will be repeating this look again.

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