Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Tea

Just three questions this week! Enjoy!

Me and my room mate are having our 7 closest friends over for a dinner party and we want to know if you have any advice to make our party extra special?!?!  We are cooking comfort foods like baked chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni, and corn on the cob. We still want it to be "fancy" even though the food is very casual. Please help. Our party is August 3rd! - Lucy & Brooke

I looooooooove comfort food!!  I had to think of this for a second because I am not a good host but I am working on this myself.  Considering you are cooking this meal yourselves work on presentation.  Serve the mash potatoes in martini glasses!  Or even use a fun shaped cooking cutter to cut out pieces of your baked macaroni! :)  Use place card holders if you have enough seating for all of your guest as well.  You can also dress the table up with a nice centerpiece and it doesn't have to be anything expensive- think mason jars. Here's a link with a few ideas.  

Just got out of a 3 year relationship.  Can't help but feel down about myself becuz he left me for another girl.  I feel so lost he was my bf. Now I have no one to talk to. -Anonymous

I'm so sorry that you find yourself in this situation.  A lot of times we don't actually realize how much a relationship takes up our emotions until it's over.  I definitely recommend reaching out to old friends, family or even coworkers for support. It isn't going to be easy but you will get through this.  Also, start investing time in yourself.  Do things that make you happy! 

How do I tell my mom to stop buying me clothes with out me? I am 15 years old.  She has the woooorst taste.  She gets mad when I don't wear it or ask her to exchange it. -Mel

First, you are so lucky that your mom wants to do this for you so don't be a brat! :) Your mom is trying to be helpful. Trust me I am sure she is doing it from the bottom of her heart so she may get upset when you don't want to wear it because you are "rejecting" her.  It's all about how you SAY or DO something to get the reaction you want.  Next time she comes home with something that isn't your style- say something to the effect of "Mom, thank you soooo much for picking this up for me but lets go back to the store soon so we can exchange these out for a pair of (x) I really really want"  If you guys start shopping together more she will learn your style and it will get easier.  If you have a pinterest, create a fashion board and show your mom.  She will get a feel for things that you like and it can be a bonding experience.  

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