Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Tea

This edition of Sunday Tea is an interesting mix!! I got quite a few anonymous ones that are a bit intriguing :)

"Hi Kim! My husband always says that I take far too long to get ready when we go out. I just need a good hour to do my hair and make up! How long does is usually take you to get together? Sincerely, A Make Up Obsessed Wife"

Hahahaaha. Love this question.  It seriously takes me 45 minutes to get ready in the morning. This includes hair, make up, and clothing options.  I allot 15 minutes to each... if my clothing choice goes smoothly I give the extra time to hair.  Granted I do very simple make up looks on a regular basis and I usually wear my hair in a loose side pony tail.  If I'm really dolling myself up I need a good hour too.  Tell your husband to be patient ;-)

"I know this sounds odd but how do I get a boyfriend?!?!? I'm 16, not the prettiest but not the ugliest... I don't get it. -Anonymous"

First thing... its okay to be single. I get it at your age everyone either has a boyfriend or is dreaming of one. Remember, getting a boyfriend is not an easy task so don't beat yourself up. The best advice I have is to be comfortable with yourself before getting into a relationship. You don't want a relationship to make you... you should be bringing something into it. Also, never appear desperate- be yourself and be confident.  16 is a good age to start learning things about yourself. Also, set high standards for yourself.

"I ask this question on behalf of all men. Why do girls go to the bathroom together??? They can not all be on the same pee schedule. My girlfriend loves your blog and I'm calling you out Natalie T. -Mark H, Hoover, AL"

Well, Mark... there are plenty of reasons why us females go to the bathroom together.  Usually, more than one of us has to really use the bathroom so we figure why not. Another reason is to go gossip and the only other thing I can think of is just safety.

"My friend is beyond disgusting me. She cheats on EVERY SINGLE GUY. She has cheated on quite a few nice ones that really didn't deserve it. She doesn't seem to care at all and it makes me sick. I don't want people to think I'm just like her. What do I do? -Anon"

I'm sorry that your dear friend is a cheater. If you feel so strongly against her choice... TELL HER. Maybe there is an underlying reason why she cheats.  If you are worried about your reputation let your friend know that you don't want to be known for that. If she still doesn't see it your way let her know that you can not support her and that your friendship is being torn apart by her choices.

"You usually post about gifts around major holidays but I can't afford some of those things and I'm kinda crafty so I figure making a gift for my mom's birthday is the way to go. Any ideas? -Ruhma"

That is so kind of you to want to hand make a gift... those tend to be the best gifts ever because you can customize them to your recipients liking. I seriously would go look over Pinterest for some more amazing ideas. Put a basket together of a few things she adores... for instance if she likes tea- put some tea in her basket along with jewelry, chocolates, a framed sentimental picture, and a mixed CD of her favorite music.  You can get most of those items from a dollar store... frame, baseket, ribbon, chocolate.  You can make the jewelry as well. Also... you could just get a plain old frame and buy some loose beads and paint from the craft store and decorate it and put in a sentimental picture.  Hope this helps!

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