Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Tea

Today's Sunday Tea is from the car! I have tons of questions regarding weddings... I will be making a separate post later on this week addressing most of those.  Don't feel left out if you don't see your question up today.

Please resolve this dilemma.  My friend says $300 is too much for sunglasses.  What is your opinion? -Marty

That is a significant amount of money for most people.  If you feel like it is a very good investment (ie. wear them every day, take good care of your things, not a fad) then maybe I can see your side of things.  I personally lose sunglasses all of the time and am a sucker for cheap glasses so $300 for some shades is ridiculous for me.

How did you decide your wedding colors?  I am struggling so much with this.  My fiancee says anything but pink is fine with him. -Jennalynn

This was a very big challenge for me as well.  I thought about the season.  We got married in the summer and I thought of all of my favorite summer colors..
  I also took into account which colors would photograph better and look great on most people.  When I found a good balance I finally decided.

What is the most common makeup mistake that you see?- Kathy

TOO MUCH make up!  I mostly find this on younger females.  It is usually too much eye shadow.  I particularly don't care for people who glob anything on.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Joie De Vivre: Wedding Edition

My longtime love of 11 years and I finally tied the knot this past June.  It was really one of the best days of my life.  To any of you soon to be brides... trust me the stress of the planning is all forgotten once you are up there exchanging vows.  Here are some great and funny things that I wanted to share.

{receiving a blessing from my Abuelita before the ceremony}

That whole day I was running around like crazy.  The moment she wanted to bless me I felt relaxed. I really needed it before the ceremony. 


I get my jokster side from him but definitely not my dance moves.  I've never seen him dance like this before and he was just all for it. He was in the middle of a dance circle!  Loved that.

{My accessories}
Not pictured is the beautiful antique diamond cross I wore. The brides in Shane's family have worn it on their wedding day so I was honored to have the chance to be part of that tradition.  I also wore my mom's ring.  Her parents gave it to her on her 15th birthday.  I've always wanted to wear it. :)  Then there is that BLACK HAIR BAND. :(  I did something I shouldn't have. I didn't look in the mirror before I left the hotel.  I had no idea I had it on until I handed my bouquet off to my maid of honor. Oh the horror. It makes for a funny memory now. :)

{I'm a really awkward person}

The picture says it all. I didn't realize how much I found the cake cutting to be uncomfortable.  It's one of those things that I didn't think much of until it was happening. 

{Don't Cry}

We dared my adorable little nephew to whisper to Shane "Don't Cry"... and he did it.  It was great.  I didn't actually witness it but when I saw the pictures I melted.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Super Easy Baked Tilapia

Being a new wife, I've taken a little more pride in my meals. I'm taking baby steps into hoping to one day be an excellent cook.  My husband seem to enjoy this simple meal immensely.  Enjoy this recipe as it is a quick and yummy option.

1.  Ingredients: Tilapia, Equal # of Lemon & Butter Slices, Salt, Garlic Powder, Cooking Spray & Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning.
2. Preheat oven to 375°. Spray down your baking dish.  Apply your salt, garlic powder and Tony's to both sides of fish.  Arrange fish flat side down on baking dish.
3. Add your slices of butter on top of fish.  Follow up with adding your lemon slices directly on top of slices of butter.
4.  Your oven should be ready to bake.  Top your baking dish with aluminum foil and insert in oven. Let your fish bake for 30 minutes or until fish is flaky.
5.  Once your fish is cooked you will notice the yummy lemon butter sauce that has been created. Serve fish with lemon slices still atop and add sauce for more flavor!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Tea

I know it may sound a little conceited but I LOVE MY BODY. I used to be over weight and I worked really hard to look the way that I do.  I'm proud of my results and I like to wear tight fitting clothes and show off my stomach.  My friends think that I dress like a skank.  I'm 22 years old, single, and having fun with fashion. Is it wrong for me to dress sexy? -Danyelle O.

Honey, anytime someone compares you to a skank... that is NOT GOOD.  Unless your friends are really hardcore conservatives- they would call me a skank too I suppose.  Anyway, really think about how you are dressing.  There is a very fine line between sexy and skanky.   You can be sexy by wearing a tight fitting dress that doesn't show your mid drift, breast or butt cheeks.  When you look in the mirror think "Would I meet someone's mom in this out fit?"  I understand that you are young and free and want to do all that crazy, rebel thing. Anyway, maybe next time you wear a crop top keep the rest of the outfit conservative.  Also- the way you carry yourself really paints the picture. :)  

I've been dating this guy for three years now.  He is the love of my life.  Bad thing is he's a right wing conservative and I'm a liberal.  We rarely fight about anything.  He's a complete gentleman and treats me exceptionally well.  When it comes to politics it is like we are enemies.  He tries to listen to me but it just ends up in a fight. I don't want to break up with him I just want to know if this is actually going to work.  - Jenny

I can not predict if something is going to actually work.  It sounds to me like you have yourself a catch though. So what if he is a conservative?  You guys have been together for 3 years.  You guys just need to acknowledge that you will have some disagreements.  He needs to acknowledge that as well.  

I know you aren't a mommy blogger or anything but I know that you love fashion.  Do you think its okay for babies to be dressed like adults? I think its ridiculous.  You know what I mean.  The tights and leather jackets for babies? - Tina

I was just talking to my mom about this.  Ummm no, I think babies should dress like babies. Granted... I HAAATE those tutus and big bows some moms put on their babies.  I just say dress them like a kid and not a doll or a mini adult.  They can still look put together but cute with out looking like they are taking fashion advice out of Cosmo. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Tea

Where do you shop for clothes online? - Tara

I must admit that I'm very hesitant to shop online but when I do place an order it is usually with Top Shop, Asos or Lulus. I have ordered from Nasty Gal before and was very happy.

How often should I cut my hair? My friend says once a year and another says twice a month. Which is it? I'm trying to build a beauty routine and I'm hung up on this. -Lynn

Well, it really depends on you personally. I can not go more than 2 months with out getting a hair cut before my hair starts looking awful.  Even if it is for a quick trim I would at least get 4 cuts a year- minimum.

I read your post on red lip stick and I think I may be ready to take a leap of faith.  Do you recommend any particular brand to check out for reds? FYI Department stores/Sephora/Ulta are out of my price range.

Congrats on getting brave! It takes a lot of guts to wear red!  Please check out Revlon or NYX for the perfect red.  I would go to different brands websites and find colors you may be interested in and then start googling them to see if bloggers have posted up swatches.  

I'm visiting New Orleans with some friends soon.  Where do we need to visit besides Bourbon Street?

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to go shopping at cute little shops... visit Magazine Street. You can also take a street car down St. Charles. For the night out visit Frenchman Street if you want to bypass all the raunchiness of Bourbon but still want a New Orleans feel.  I do encourage you visit the art galleries along Royal Street.  Please eat beignets at Cafe du Monde and if you love history visit the World War II museum.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Choose the RIGHT Bra


So, I've been having this post sitting in my drafts for over a year.  Bras are something I struggle with.  A few years ago, one of my dear friends told me "Kim, you need a bigger bra"  I was in denial.. I didn't want to go up in size and thought that my bra fit. WRONG. So I decided to do this post to help others like my former self.

The Perfect Fit
You want to make sure that your bra doesn't leave indentations on your back, doesn't have excess space, or excess over hang/spillage.  If you look at the pictures below you will see what a good fit looks like.  Your bra should always cover your areola as well.  Bras for the most part should feel effortless.

What kind of bra should I wear?

Know what you want to achieve.  I don't like my chest to look any bigger than it already is so, I personally like to wear full coverage bras with no extra padding.  My friend on the other hand, loves to wear push up bras with side padding.

When to wear a ______ bra:
  • Racer back: Although obvious... mainly you want to get this sort of bra when you are wear a racer back shirt. 
  • Balconette.  These are perfect for tops that have a very, very wide collar.  However, I recommend this to ladies with smaller chest because they are very low cut and add a whole lot of cleavage.
  • Bandeau.  These have become so popular because they offer good cover ups for sheer tanks.  These offer nothing as far as shape goes.
  • Sport/Athletic - These give your breast the ability to exercise with out going all over the place.  You want these to fit you snug.
  • Full Coverage- These bras are your best friend if you just want your breast to have a nice shape.  I recommend these with your t-shirts. :)
  • Strapless: Obviously you wear these when you have a strapless top on... these are tricky. You want to definitely have one that has a good underwire and that fits around your chest tightly.  I find that if they don't fit well then you will be tugging at it the whole evening.
  • Multi-Way: These bras are life savers but again make sure they fit you properly every where to be successful with it.  These are great for ladies with bigger chest because you can still get the support of your straps with different looks
Hope that this post helps and remember:  Hang dry your bras!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Tea

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Why do you blog?  Is there a goal you have in mind or are you just bored? Not trying to be rude just curious as to why people blog. -Ashley

To be completely honest with you... I do it because I truly like it and I'm bored.  My goal is to create an online community of people who share my interest... and when I say community I am being very liberal.  I just want people to come visit when they are having a bad day and leave comments. There are bloggers that do it professionally and work with brands but I don't foresee myself going down that path anytime soon.

Do you use eye shadow foundation and should I? - Laura

This is a great question. Eye shadow foundation/primers are excellent but I don't think it necessary for every day use.  I primarily use it for special occasions or if I am doing a very bold eye shadow look so that the make up doesn't fade. I highly advise those that have oily lids to wear eye shadow primer... it will save your life. :)  But to answer your question yes and yes!

I'm hoping you can help me because we have the same skin tone!  What are some great eye shadow colors for Latinas?  I'm tired of wearing browns. - Sammie

Hooooola!  If you have dark hair and dark eyes-you want to wear eye shadow that is going to make your brown eyes browner!  I personally love wearing navy eye liner.  It's not over the top but makes the whites of your eyes whiter and your brown eyes pop.  Look for blue, green and purple shadows... play with them. You will see how much of a difference some color will make.