Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Tea

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Why do you blog?  Is there a goal you have in mind or are you just bored? Not trying to be rude just curious as to why people blog. -Ashley

To be completely honest with you... I do it because I truly like it and I'm bored.  My goal is to create an online community of people who share my interest... and when I say community I am being very liberal.  I just want people to come visit when they are having a bad day and leave comments. There are bloggers that do it professionally and work with brands but I don't foresee myself going down that path anytime soon.

Do you use eye shadow foundation and should I? - Laura

This is a great question. Eye shadow foundation/primers are excellent but I don't think it necessary for every day use.  I primarily use it for special occasions or if I am doing a very bold eye shadow look so that the make up doesn't fade. I highly advise those that have oily lids to wear eye shadow primer... it will save your life. :)  But to answer your question yes and yes!

I'm hoping you can help me because we have the same skin tone!  What are some great eye shadow colors for Latinas?  I'm tired of wearing browns. - Sammie

Hooooola!  If you have dark hair and dark eyes-you want to wear eye shadow that is going to make your brown eyes browner!  I personally love wearing navy eye liner.  It's not over the top but makes the whites of your eyes whiter and your brown eyes pop.  Look for blue, green and purple shadows... play with them. You will see how much of a difference some color will make.

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