Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Tea

Where do you shop for clothes online? - Tara

I must admit that I'm very hesitant to shop online but when I do place an order it is usually with Top Shop, Asos or Lulus. I have ordered from Nasty Gal before and was very happy.

How often should I cut my hair? My friend says once a year and another says twice a month. Which is it? I'm trying to build a beauty routine and I'm hung up on this. -Lynn

Well, it really depends on you personally. I can not go more than 2 months with out getting a hair cut before my hair starts looking awful.  Even if it is for a quick trim I would at least get 4 cuts a year- minimum.

I read your post on red lip stick and I think I may be ready to take a leap of faith.  Do you recommend any particular brand to check out for reds? FYI Department stores/Sephora/Ulta are out of my price range.

Congrats on getting brave! It takes a lot of guts to wear red!  Please check out Revlon or NYX for the perfect red.  I would go to different brands websites and find colors you may be interested in and then start googling them to see if bloggers have posted up swatches.  

I'm visiting New Orleans with some friends soon.  Where do we need to visit besides Bourbon Street?

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to go shopping at cute little shops... visit Magazine Street. You can also take a street car down St. Charles. For the night out visit Frenchman Street if you want to bypass all the raunchiness of Bourbon but still want a New Orleans feel.  I do encourage you visit the art galleries along Royal Street.  Please eat beignets at Cafe du Monde and if you love history visit the World War II museum.  

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