Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Tea

Today's Sunday Tea is from the car! I have tons of questions regarding weddings... I will be making a separate post later on this week addressing most of those.  Don't feel left out if you don't see your question up today.

Please resolve this dilemma.  My friend says $300 is too much for sunglasses.  What is your opinion? -Marty

That is a significant amount of money for most people.  If you feel like it is a very good investment (ie. wear them every day, take good care of your things, not a fad) then maybe I can see your side of things.  I personally lose sunglasses all of the time and am a sucker for cheap glasses so $300 for some shades is ridiculous for me.

How did you decide your wedding colors?  I am struggling so much with this.  My fiancee says anything but pink is fine with him. -Jennalynn

This was a very big challenge for me as well.  I thought about the season.  We got married in the summer and I thought of all of my favorite summer colors..
  I also took into account which colors would photograph better and look great on most people.  When I found a good balance I finally decided.

What is the most common makeup mistake that you see?- Kathy

TOO MUCH make up!  I mostly find this on younger females.  It is usually too much eye shadow.  I particularly don't care for people who glob anything on.

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