Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Tea

What a week!  Next week is going to be a little hectic but I will try my hardest to stick to the schedule.  Today I am skyping with my sister who lives in Virginia and sipping chamomile tea.  I will probably go out later to get some Halloween make up supplies and keep organizing my office. Oh Sundays.  Anyway, here are answers to YOUR questions.

Hello.  I've been anxious to ask this. Please don't judge.  I have a crush on my brother's girlfriend. I am a female and I'm not "out" yet but I feel like he treats her bad and I want to treat her like she deserves.  She has been coming to me to talk about their problems and we've gotten very close.  I don't want to scare her. - Dee Dee

Hi Dee Dee.  No judgment here.  The only iffy part of this situation is that your love interest is involved with your brother.  That's never an easy situation.  I think you need to be comfortable about your sexual preferences first. If you feel like you are going to scare her away then maybe she isn't as close as you think she is.  Part of having a great relationship with someone is being comfortable in your own skin and knowing that they will be accepting.  Get confident.  The other factor is her sexual preference. So think about that as well.  Although, you may be able to treat her better you may not necessarily be what she is looking for.  Be a friend to her and when you are confident enough to come out- you will be able to read her a little better.  If she's still involved with your brother keep your feelings to yourself and distance yourself if it is getting too rough on you.

What is your opinion on high waisted shorts? - V

High Waisted Shorts

What's not to like?  I do think that baggy high waisted shorts are unflattering- it gives you mom butt.  The only thing about high waisted shorts is that it makes your behind look not as perky so wear nice fitted ones.  Also, if the crotch is lower than the shorts portion- do a PASS.   

I'm having trouble with chipping nail polish. What can I do to keep my polish looking nice? -Berni

Three things help with long lasting nail polish- Buffing your nails prior, Base Coat, and Top Coat.  Also, regardless of brands there are always certain polishes that will chip faster than usual.  Metallics chip the quickest in my opinion.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Flashback Friday: Tamagotchis


Oh my, were these all the rage.  One of these landed me in detention while I was in sixth grade. I forgot to turn the sound off during one of my exams and my tamagotchi was hungry- straight to the principal's office I went.

I don't understand the fascination with these things looking back but, I do remember that people had like 5 of these strapped to their book bags.  So while all of you babies complain about being bored on your Iphones... think of an older generation that had nothing but a keychain for a pet.  If you miss playing with one... you can buy one here . Old commercial below for your entertainment.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Fall Shoe Obsessions

Fall Shoe Obsessions
Fall Shoe Obsessions by fleurluxe featuring suede peep toe booties

For me, fall is the best time for shoes! You can score some really versatile-all year round sorts of shoes during this period.  The trends I'm currently loving are peep toe booties, thick block heels, strappy closed toe pumps, and extremely eccentric pumps.  Those Alice + Olivia face pumps are a bit out there but I think they are amazing... would I ever wear them? Maybe.  Anyway, I hope this has inspired you to go out and get some glamorous heels for fall.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joie De Vivre

I haven't done one of these posts in quite a few weeks!  There is plenty of things that make me happy right now but here are just a few!

My current favorite lipsticks 

I love a great bold lip and I'm currently obsessing over these two MAC colors.  The nice wine color is called Dark Side! I've been wearing that one a little more. It's kinda goth hehe  The vibrant red is Russian Red.  It's a bit deeper than it looks photographed.  FYI my husband hates when I wear either one but I don't care. :)

Taking back the condo!

Prior to getting hitched, I did not live with Shane.  So, it has been a great experience to see how things are developing and I must say that he was winning the decor battle around here.  Well, I took a punch back by using some old candle holders I purchased from a thrift shop.  They also served as decor at our wedding so I thought it was a sweet addition to the mantle.


Many of you know, I'm a Saints girl!  Football season not only means that football is back on- It means that the whole town is wearing black and gold.  Everyone is super happy on Sundays and if you aren't a whodat then we don't know who you are!  It really does get magical around New Orleans when the Saints are playing.  Did I mention that we are 3-0? :)

Planning Ahead

I've attained a planner for 2014 already and I'm excited.  I've been with out a planner FOREVER.  So I'm just happy to organize myself so far in advance.  It's a small yet vital victory for me.  I'm just grateful to have so many things to look forward to.

Luna has jewelry

This dog is something else.  So I was organizing my beads and found an old and not so great project.  I threw it to the side and found Luna nudging it.  I put it on her to be funny and she loves wearing it.  When we take it off of her she isn't quite the same.  I guess once she out grows this one I will have to make her a new one.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pinterest Trials: Breakfast Tortilla Cups

This recipe was pinned from the blog: Bev Cooks That link will take you directly to the recipe for this yummy breakfast/brunch meal.  I took my spin on the recipe a bit but nonetheless I think the result is great.  I will definitely be doing this again!

What I used: 
Romaine lettuce
Flour Tortilla
Shredded American Cheese
Salt & Pepper

How to: Winged Eyeliner

I adore winged eyeliner!  I do this look practically every day.  I especially love it because it gives the illusion of fuller outer lashes!  It also serves as my ode to the 50's era that I love so much.  Did I mention that this look is super simple and quick?

What you will need:
* Q-tips for any mess ups

A. Put a base down on your eyelids. This will ensure that your liner last a long time.  B. Create your wing. This is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP.  You want to create a wedge shape that is complimentary to your eye shape.  Of course, I encourage that you play around in this step to master what is best for you.  Also, you may want to consider that almost everyone has two differently shaped eyes.  Trust me a lot of little pesky things become apparent during this step.
C. Once you are completely satisfied with your wedge- draw a line across your lash line to bring it all together! DONE.

Remember practice makes perfect!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Tea

This week we have zit woes, long distance love and big decisions!  Please comment on posts if you feel like you have something productive to add!!

If you'd like to send in a question:
Direct Message/Tweet: @fleurluxe

What is the proper way to pop pimples??? I have really bad acne scarring and don't want to keep adding scars. -Nina P.

This is such a great question.  What most of us want to do when we see a pimple is to just pop away and get it out of our lives- you just need to treat it and let it go away on its own.  If you MUST pop it; only pop whiteheads.  The proper way to do so is to either get an extraction from an esthetician or dermatologist or by gently pressing the sides of the pimple with CLEAN hands.  You also have to then treat it with benzyl peroxide or any other product that will disinfect pimples.

I'm in a long distance relationship and it is very hard to feel included in my boyfriend's life.  He says when I move back home that we will get married and I'm happy for it but I sometimes feel like I am talking to a stranger. I feel like I'm an outsider to his interesting life.  I love him and want to marry him but I just don't know if its better to break it off. I'll be out of the country for another year and a half. -Farrah

It sounds like you miss being physically part of his life. If you guys want to get married and he truly makes you happy and you know he's the one- why waste it? People die for great relationships. I'm sure it is hard to hear about his "interesting" life but think about your life.  Keep communicating with him and Skype often.  Tell him about your day and be grateful about your life. Long distance relationships can work!

I know you are a big animal lover and figured you would be the perfect person to ask if I should get a dog or a cat!?! I'm 19 and this is the first pet that I've ever had.  My parents are allergic to animals and I was never interested in keeping fish or reptiles.  I want a siamese cat or a beagle! What are your thoughts on this. -Tamara

Taking on a pet is a HUGE responsibility.  Cats and dogs are very different so I would go with whichever animal suits your life style the best.  If you have an apartment I would probably go with a cat because dogs require walks which can become hard to deal with during the winter.  If you don't mind taking a dog out then of course keep your beagle an option.  Another factor is time. Cats require your attention but aren't by your side 24/7.   Dogs are companion animals and if you are always zipping around they will feel lonely.  Also, all pets have different personalities so it is hard to generalize but if you want an animal that loves on you when you are around and adore you- DOG. :)  Some cats will do that too but generally cats like it when you seek them out.  I hope this helps! Also- get your animal from the pound! Save a homeless animal.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Flashback Friday: Blondie

I loooooove Blondie!  My oldest sister introduced me to them and I just thought they were amazing.  Debbie Harry is the epitome of badass and I gotta say that she is definitely one of my fashion muses.  Please enjoy the first white girl to rap and amazing music from one of the best bands of all time. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

FleurLuxe Schedule!

I've had two lovely people ask me if I have a set schedule with the blog posts.  I try to set them but I dislike committing to it because I don't want to disappoint.  You know, life happens.  Sometimes I feel like I don't have good things to post up for a while and I hate that. Well, one of my New Year's resolutions was to be more committed to this site and I think setting up an editorial schedule is my ticket. I also think it will encourage me to put myself out there and try new things! Anyway, this is all effective next week.

This is my schedule and below you will find descriptions of each post!

Sunday Tea: Here I answer questions sent in by YOU.  It ranges from fashion, relationships, and family.  If you'd like to participate you can tweet/direct message me @fleurluxe, email me at, anonymously ask me a question on tumblr:!
Editor's Pick: Basically, anything that inspires me will go here!
Pinterest Trials: I love Pinterest and never get around to trying out things that I pin. So this will be my attempt at making things that are out of my league. :)
Joie De Vivre: This is where I share what I'm grateful for in life.  Sometimes you've got to smell the roses.
Flash Back Friday: I love all things retro inspired. I love old music, TV, fashion- so I celebrate them on Friday.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NYFW- Spring 2014 RTW Beauty Trends

Yesterday I talked fashion trends and today is all about the beauty trends.  The looks on the runway were very simple and refreshing which is great for my taste.  There was nothing too crazy going on but it was still beautiful and doable for the every day girl.  All pictures are property of


 This look was seen at DKNY, Helmut Lang and Christian Siriano.  Its super cute and just enough.  A nice warm, bold lip and that is all.  No eyeshadow or eyeliner- just lip.  I'm not sure if I can pull this off but I'm sure it would look nice on most.

Well, I guess it's not completely natural but it is very, very close.  There is beautiful contouring of the cheek bones in warm colors and warm sweeps across the eye.  It's just enough with out saying too much.  This will be a great every day look for school or work.  These looks were walking down the runways of the Vera Wang, BCBG Max Azria and Anna Sui shows.


 This is the fun one!  I would say that this is strictly runway but I really think that with the right outfit and right blue; you can take this look out on the town.  I must say my favorite is the the picture on top- love the vividness.  These looks are from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka, and Anna Sui.                                     

Monday, September 16, 2013

New York Fashion Week- Spring 2014 Ready to Wear

L to R: Anna Sui. Rebecca Minkoff. Rachel Roy. Christian Siriano.
Refreshing warm colors for Spring!

I love watching the runways during September. I feel so inspired and then I get sad that I don't make pretty clothes.  Its okay because I can at least still try to wear it!! I, of course, do not own any of the rights to these photos. All photos are property of

Sophisticated fun with textures and cuts.
L to R: Lela Rose. Victoria Beckham. Badgley Mischka. Monique Lhuillier.

  • Coral/Red/Fuschia/Melon are everywhere! So hold on to any great pieces that you think will serve you well in the spring.
  • I love bold gold- but not in spring. I noticed a lot of silver/very soft gold/pewter.  
  • Peplum was still significant
  • Layering with sheer fabrics.  Super cute. Imagine a skimpy bodycon dress layered with a sheer black kaftan.
  • Crop tops!!
  • Frilly asymmetric skirts.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Tea

Hey Guys!  Last week's installment of Flashback Friday was nixed because I was feeling under the weather. I spent a good portion sleeping but don't worry this week is going to be filled with fun posts.  Anyway, we have a good set of questions for this week.

If you would like to ask a question for Sunday tea send it in via:
Twitter: @fleurluxe
Tumblr: <--- totally anonymous

This is a picture of my homecoming dress ( ). How should I accessorize this?  I want to be super sparkly! - Alyssa Beth

Wow. That is one heck of a dress.  I will be completely forward with you... the dress alone is super sparkly so I wouldn't worry about accessorizing accordingly.  I would do a nude/blush shoe and silver accessories.  If you wanted to add a touch of bling. I would say go for ONE statement piece (necklace, bracelet or earrings) and keep the rest simple.

My brother is getting married in November and my aunt, sister, and dad keep pestering me to lose some weight.  I'm in the bridal party and all of the bridesmaids are a size 2-6.  I'm a size 12. I know they are probably looking out for me but I'm actually content with the way I look.  I used to be a size 18 about two years ago so being a 12 feels good.  Do you think I should put myself through dieting and exercising hell or should I be happy as the "big girl" in the wedding party? -Judy

Hey Judy! I think you already know what you want to do.  If you are confident and happy at a size 12- don't worry about it.  Losing weight for someone else is the worst thing that you can do.  You want to lose weight for yourself.  Now, if you feel like you are up for the dieting/exercising and wouldn't mind losing a few pounds then by all means do so. :)  I love women who are confident with their bodies.  If you are confident about yourself others will be confident about you too.

This maybe considered TMI but I don't care.  My boyfriend has really nasty body odor.  I never noticed it until we started becoming physical with each other.  He sweats like crazy and STINKS.  In fact, last time things started getting heavy between us- I stopped. I couldn't continue.  HE SMELLED SO BAD! What do I do? I really like him. He's just doesn't smell good. -Anon

I am sure you aren't the only person with this problem.  Guys can be smelly.  You should encourage him to eat a bit cleaner.  You excrete what you eat.  Also, he may need better deodorant and then... he may not be washing himself well in the shower so when he sweats it just gets that much worse.  He may also not be drying himself well after showers either.  So all in all- have a hygiene talk with him.  It may be a hard conversation to have but if you care about him you will tell him.  Who knows what people at work are thinking of him.  Make it a casual conversation and say "I noticed you have been smelling a little different...did you change something up?"  If he still persist on smelling  yucky- gross. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Orange and Steak Salad

This dish is beyond easy to whip up!  Also this salad aims to please everyone.  For people who usually don't eat salad- the aroma of steak brings them in.  For people who don't normally eat steak, the taste of oranges is a great counter.  Another great thing is that it takes literally 10 minutes to execute.

The recipe yields 4-5 servings.
 What you need:

  • 2 cuts of Steak
  • Goya Mojo Criollo Marinade- extremely flavorful!!
  • 2-3 oranges
  • Salad - literally got mine from a prepared bag at grocery
  • 1 Tomato
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Meat: puncture steak cuts and let it marinade over night
  • Cut steak into smaller portions and fry/grill steak to your liking. 
  • Cut tomato and oranges
  • Put all of your ingredients into bowl and toss!  I added a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper for added flavor.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Good Reminders While Planning Your Wedding

Getting married this year was nothing like I thought it would be.  I seriously was not prepared for what was in store for us and looking back I wish I would've reminded myself of a few things.  Also, if you asked me a few questions about weddings I addressed most issues  here.

  1. Don't get lost in the planning.  I regret not spending more time on the most important part: the ceremony.  Everything else is pish posh.  We did a rehearsal and realized quickly that quite a few
    shark in fountain @ceremony
    small details were missing.
  2. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you have to do it.  My husband and I fought over having a photobooth at our wedding.  I really wanted one...he didn't. He thought it was more appropriate for a birthday party.  I let it become pinnacle to me and felt like something was going to be missing alas it was all fine the day of.
  3. Everyone has an opinion that they will express and you can't satisfy everyone.  Shane and I are EXTREMELY laid
    back people.  We also have odd schedules and hardly get a chance to sit down and spend quality time with each other.  So granted when we had a chance to discuss wedding/honeymoon plans we were on a time crunch. It was hard to focus with everyone putting in their two cents and we did lose sight of what we wanted a few times.  This made us go in circles and made it harder for us to make important decisions.  Cut out the middle people think about what you TWO truly like and want and go for that.
  4. Ask for help when you need it.  As mentioned earlier, we have hectic schedules.  Problem is- I'm a
    micro manager so I want my hands in everything.  I needed help so much sooner than I thought.  I put it on the back burner because I thought I could handle making gift tags, bouquets, centerpieces.  I bit off more than I could chew and it ate into my time schedule.  It's okay to delegate tasks to willing participants.  If you are doing a lot of DIY, do a trial run of what you are making.  Time it.  Then when its time to make the rest: block off time and get your helpers involved.  Things will go so much better.  Lucky for me- my sister and best friend came in town early to help!!
  5. Be extremely specific when planning things with your vendors.  Extremely.  I felt like I dropped the ball here the most. My reception was stellar but everything else not so much.  For instance, every photographer will ask you what must have shots you want.  Be sure you reiterate even the ones that you think are a no brainer for the photographer to take.  Trust me.  We also failed to tell the bakery to have a smooth edge for the groom's cake and came out with an odd looking cell phone cake with swirls.  Like I said... be extremely specific.
  6. Tradition?  So I come from a Latino background and my husband is Southern.  There are tons of traditions that we could've gone for.  Thing is... we are awkward people.  We agreed that we didn't want to do a garter/bouquet toss.  Funny thing is we didn't tell anyone.  At the end of my wedding a
    guest mentioned "you guys didn't do a toss"... I acted surprised like I forgot (I'm mischievous).  So maybe our wedding was boring but it was perfect for us.  I did want to do a second line but Shane cringed at the thought of it.
  7. Not everything will come out as planned.   Okay, so all I wanted was a sparkler exit.  That's all.  Well,  the sparklers were supposed to come a week before the wedding and they didn't come until a week after.  I was heartbroken.  Again, things like that should be ordered two months out so it was our fault.  Don't always trust online order timelines.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY: Easy Beaded Necklace

This necklace is beyond easy to make!  In fact, if you have very little beading experience this is right up your alley.  This could be a great birthday, bridesmaid, or holiday present! Enjoy the video tutorial- in depth instructions are below.


  • Long Chain - 24 inches (Measure it up against yourself)
  • Beadalon Bead Wire- approximately 7 inches
  • 4 crimp beads
  • Assortment of beads
  • Crimp Pliers
  • Chain Nosed Plier
  • Scissors
* I usually get beading materials from Michaels or

How to:
  1. Measure your chain against you.  Make sure the length is perfect for the beading addition and that you will be able to pull it over your head.
  2. Loop beading wire through last chain link.  Fold tightly and slide two crimp beads through other end til they are against chain and secure with crimp pliers.
  3. Now the fun part: slide on your lovely beads.  Once you are done add on your two remaining crimp beads.
  4. Loop your beading wire over the loose end of the chain and through the beads.  To ensure you don't leave any spaces in your necklace- pull end of wire with chain nosed plier until necklace is taut. Secure your crimp beads with crimp pliers.
  5. Cut off any excess wire and tuck in end into bead. All done!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Tea

Today's Sunday Tea is a little more tame.  Word of advice to all of you readers... remember too much of something is never good. Always keep a balance.

Kim, I recently started getting into fashion.  I mostly am a plain dresser and want to know ways in which I can expand my fashion world. Thanks- Amerelia

First- I love your  name.  Second- The great thing about fashion is that you put your unique style to your dress.  So, you may be a plain dresser but it doesn't mean that you can't find your niche within that realm.  If you are looking for inspiration, now is the perfect time with New York Fashion Week.  Look at what is coming down the runway, pick up on little things you may like and add on to your everyday routine.  Also, never underestimate jewelry, shoes, and scarves.  They add some serious flair to any outfit. Hope this helps.

How short is too short when it comes to skirts? -Traci

Ha! I looooove mini dresses and skirts but I recently found that my sometimes short skirts look really tacky.  I say do the sit test.  Sit down and if you can modestly cover yourself then you are good.  Also, bend over... will everyone see your butt?  People with slimmer legs can pull of mini skirts because the thighs don't look as big.  If you are wearing a shorter skirt make sure that it hits at a point in your legs that is flattering.  Sometimes if it is too short your legs look even bigger.

My little sister dresses too provocatively.  I'm 17 and she is 14.  She always has her stomach out and wears a lot of short shorts.  How can I tell her that she looks like a skank with out saying "Hey sis, you look like a skank"???  This question is no joke. My friends think I should just say what I think. -Anon

Just a thought here... she may not take to you calling her a skank too well.  She's at the age where she is trying to fit in and but be individual all the same.  It's complicated.  However, you are her sister so I imagine that you are truly concerned for her.  In that case say.., "Hey Sis, I think you would be really cute in X"  She also may be getting attention from boys and therefore loves dressing that way.  Go shopping with her and make some nice suggestions. Make her feel like she looks really good even when she is covered up.

Why don't you ever do hauls and swatches? A lot of make up bloggers do it.  I'm curious to know what you buy and your opinions on the product. -NoneyaBusiness

Something tells me that I know you personally. lol If not you have a good sense of humor with the "noneyabusiness" Anyway Noneya, I really dislike hauls.  I feel like it comes across like bragging and no one gets much out of it.  Also, I haven't purchased much make up in the past months to do proper reviews but it is something that I do want to do more frequently.  I will be doing a swatch/trend alert on wine lips this week coming.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Flash Back Friday

I'll be featuring one of my favorite things from the past on here every Friday!! :)  This week... I bring you Saved by the Bell.  I recently smiled and remembered my huuuuge crush on Mark Paul Gosselaar when I heard that Elizabeth Berkley would be on Dancing with the Stars.

Also got to loooove that huuuge cell phone

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

That 90's Girl

I was born in the 80's so I was groomed in the 90's.  It was an awkward time for fashion.  I didn't understand why my oldest sister was in love with dirty rock stars, wore flannel, doc marten boots and sported vampy lipstick.  Funny thing is... I now find myself in 2013 in a similar situation (sans the doc marten's...I have similar combat boots).  

First a little more back story.  Three years ago, I was gearing towards hipster fashion. I bought a pair of oxford flats, flannel shirts, even skinnier jeans, and a bowling hat.  I loved it.  Well, I also bought combat boots and all of a sudden I was straying away from my femme fashion sense and was going a little darker.  I bought grayed out skinnies, wore a lot more black and invested in Kat Von D's Rosary Lipstick.  I then started wearing my skater dresses with textured leggings and my combat boots... then it hit me.  THE 90'S ARE BACK.  What is even more surprising is that my lovely 16 year old niece has taken to the 90's trend so much so, that it made me want to make a style profile for it.  So here is to all of you not so 90's babies that want a little inspiration.

That 90's Girl

All you need to pull off 90s grunge is some spunk!  This look is not for the faint at heart. Of course, you can pull this off in several ways.  You can be boyish grunge, sexy grunge, or gothic grunge.  Its all about the small details and how you carry yourself.  Remember, you can pull of any trend with your own spin to it.

Flannel. Tie a flannel shirt around your waist with cut off shorts and you are done!  You can also put a flannel on top of a graphic tee for that boyish look.
Rock Star Studs. Studs are everywhere now so this is something really easy to attain.  Even if its just a studded bracelet, handbag or shorts... a little stud will add harshness to even the softest of looks.
Graphic Muscle Tee.  If you have an amazing graphic tee... you are already there.  If you just have a regular shirt... cut off the sleeves.  Nothing says grunge like a rock band t-shirt with no sleeves.
Leather. I'm a sucker for leather.  Whether it be a leather cuff, shorts, jacket, or hat- it's 90's.  Leather short + mucle tee + flannel around  the waist + high socks w/ ankle booties = super cute!
Combat Boot.  I have been a fan of these for quite some time now.  These are a great investment.  You can wear them literally with everything, season to season, and to an array of occasions.  Even after you are done with your 90's phase these are sure to poke their way through your wardrobe.
Stacked Rings. They don't even have to be stacked.  They just need to be plentiful.  Tons of rings and bracelets- in silver!  Gold is not grunge... well maybe if its antiqued. Also, dark chipped nail polish is another nice touch.
Iconic Backpack.  I remember begging my mom for a little backpack from Claire's.  I got it, loved it and wore it every where! It was burgundy and tribal... I eventually upgraded to a black patent leather one ahaha So cheesy!!  Well, if you want to keep it cool at school a fun backpack will do the trick.  It would also be cute as an alternative to a purse.

Other ways to keep it grunge:
  • Disheveled hair
  • Dark Lip Stick
  • Torn tights under shorts
  • Round Sunglasses
  • Velvet Skater Dresses
  • Smudgey Eyeliner
  • Crosses
  • Bandanas 

Now go watch some Real World, listen to Faith No More, and make a mixtape! :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Tea

Fun questions this week!  Also, if you guys have an opinion on any of the questions asked PLEASE chime in with comments! We can all learn from each other.

There's a guy that I know who is totally not my type but I'm into him. I don't want to date him but I wouldn't mind spending some nights with him. Knowing its not going to be long term because he doesn't even live here, should I go for it?- Anon

My first instinct says consider his feelings. If he is clearly aware that this would be nothing but a few nights of fun and he is okay with that then that is okay.  On the other hand, I think you should save your nights for someone who is worth your while.

How often should I be cleaning my makeup brushes? -Kristy

Technically you should spot clean them after every use.   It is a lot of work but it is for your own health.  Especially if you let your friends or siblings use your brushes as well.  For daily cleaning I would use a brush cleaning solution that you can normally get at a beauty store... once a month I do a deep clean.  How to Clean Makeup Brushes

I hate my mother's boyfriend.  He is annoying and rude to my little brother.  My mom doesn't seem to mind and they have talked about even getting married!!!!!!  What can I do to make this better?  I want someone who makes her happy but will be good to us too!- Sherille

I think it is very mature of you to put your family's priorities in mind.  The best thing to do is sit down with both of them and let them know how you feel.  When they see how serious you are about this matter then you may see a change.  Also, keep an open mind.  Maybe you are being too critical of the matter.  On the other hand, if he is being rude to your brother that definitely needs to be addressed.  If there is another adult around that can help you out... reach out to them.  Keep all discussion calm and focused and they will be more likely to listen to the words you are saying.  I wish you the best in this situation.

Saw your tweet about the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke/2chainz performance and you said you were mad at all of them? Why?  I think it was really entertaining.  Miley can do whatever she wants she is over 18! People need to leave this topic alone.

Okay... I may have been harsh on 2 chainz. I'm not really mad at him.  I'm mad at MTV for him.  Robin Thicke... I'm mad at his stylist and MTV for him too. I'm mad at Miley's stylist too and MTV for letting her perform.  MTV let these artist look like fools. I'm sure they encouraged the raunchiness.  Not to mention, Robin Thicke's song is a smash hit and they gave him less singing time by having Ms. Cyrus sing it with him. They stole his time.  Robin Thicke and 2chainz are extremely talented artists and all everyone is going to remember from that performance is Miley and that foam finger!  Yes, she is 18 and can do whatever she wants.  I just think that if she wants to make herself a credible artist that she needs to work on the singing and entertainment.  I'll get off of my soap box now before I'm here all day long.