Wednesday, September 18, 2013

FleurLuxe Schedule!

I've had two lovely people ask me if I have a set schedule with the blog posts.  I try to set them but I dislike committing to it because I don't want to disappoint.  You know, life happens.  Sometimes I feel like I don't have good things to post up for a while and I hate that. Well, one of my New Year's resolutions was to be more committed to this site and I think setting up an editorial schedule is my ticket. I also think it will encourage me to put myself out there and try new things! Anyway, this is all effective next week.

This is my schedule and below you will find descriptions of each post!

Sunday Tea: Here I answer questions sent in by YOU.  It ranges from fashion, relationships, and family.  If you'd like to participate you can tweet/direct message me @fleurluxe, email me at, anonymously ask me a question on tumblr:!
Editor's Pick: Basically, anything that inspires me will go here!
Pinterest Trials: I love Pinterest and never get around to trying out things that I pin. So this will be my attempt at making things that are out of my league. :)
Joie De Vivre: This is where I share what I'm grateful for in life.  Sometimes you've got to smell the roses.
Flash Back Friday: I love all things retro inspired. I love old music, TV, fashion- so I celebrate them on Friday.

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