Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Tea

Hey Guys!  Last week's installment of Flashback Friday was nixed because I was feeling under the weather. I spent a good portion sleeping but don't worry this week is going to be filled with fun posts.  Anyway, we have a good set of questions for this week.

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This is a picture of my homecoming dress ( ). How should I accessorize this?  I want to be super sparkly! - Alyssa Beth

Wow. That is one heck of a dress.  I will be completely forward with you... the dress alone is super sparkly so I wouldn't worry about accessorizing accordingly.  I would do a nude/blush shoe and silver accessories.  If you wanted to add a touch of bling. I would say go for ONE statement piece (necklace, bracelet or earrings) and keep the rest simple.

My brother is getting married in November and my aunt, sister, and dad keep pestering me to lose some weight.  I'm in the bridal party and all of the bridesmaids are a size 2-6.  I'm a size 12. I know they are probably looking out for me but I'm actually content with the way I look.  I used to be a size 18 about two years ago so being a 12 feels good.  Do you think I should put myself through dieting and exercising hell or should I be happy as the "big girl" in the wedding party? -Judy

Hey Judy! I think you already know what you want to do.  If you are confident and happy at a size 12- don't worry about it.  Losing weight for someone else is the worst thing that you can do.  You want to lose weight for yourself.  Now, if you feel like you are up for the dieting/exercising and wouldn't mind losing a few pounds then by all means do so. :)  I love women who are confident with their bodies.  If you are confident about yourself others will be confident about you too.

This maybe considered TMI but I don't care.  My boyfriend has really nasty body odor.  I never noticed it until we started becoming physical with each other.  He sweats like crazy and STINKS.  In fact, last time things started getting heavy between us- I stopped. I couldn't continue.  HE SMELLED SO BAD! What do I do? I really like him. He's just doesn't smell good. -Anon

I am sure you aren't the only person with this problem.  Guys can be smelly.  You should encourage him to eat a bit cleaner.  You excrete what you eat.  Also, he may need better deodorant and then... he may not be washing himself well in the shower so when he sweats it just gets that much worse.  He may also not be drying himself well after showers either.  So all in all- have a hygiene talk with him.  It may be a hard conversation to have but if you care about him you will tell him.  Who knows what people at work are thinking of him.  Make it a casual conversation and say "I noticed you have been smelling a little different...did you change something up?"  If he still persist on smelling  yucky- gross. 

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